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Welcome to CvSX! When Capcom came out with Capcom Vs. SnK, a lot of fans were dissapointed. Myself, I thought it was okay, but needed some improvements--especially when it came to Character Selection. This site what I and Kailu Lantis think the game should have been like. Enjoy


Street Fighter, Rival Shools, Darkstalkers, Mega Man and all related characters, insignia, yadda yadda, are property of and trademarked to Capcom. King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown, Last Blade, Metal Slug, and all related characters , insignia, blah blah blah, are property of and tratemarked to SnK. This site is non-official and is not making a profit in any way from these characters or ideas.

Since K. Lantis and I got E-Mails asking when this game was gonna be released, I decided to add this notice: We here at CvSX have NO offical link with either Capcom or SnK. This game is purely fictional. To our knowledge it is neither being worked on nor will it be. However, when the site is finished to our satisfaction, we will E-Mail the URL to Capcom and ask them to consider our ideas.