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The Story of CvSX!

The feared crime lord, M. Bison, has been dealt another defeat at the hands of Ryu and the other Street Fighters. Desperate both for revenge and everlasting power, Bison searches the world over for a source of such power. What he finds is promising. An ancient legend tells of a great destructive force that had been sealed away centuries before. Ordinarily, Bison would not have given such a legend second thought. After all, how many legends like that are there anyways? But, he heard that two great warriors had battled and resealed this same being not more than a year ago. Bison soon finds this power and plans to awaken it with his Psycho Power. He plans to awaken the Orochi. However, Bison finds three problems with his plan. First, Psycho Power and Orcohi Power are not exactly the same. Bison's first attempt to awaken the all-powerful being resulted in mass destruction and terror. It also tore holes in reality, bringing forth warriors not of this time or place. The second problem was that to awaken fully, the Orochi needed the "Fighting Energy" from the greatest warriors of the world. So, Bison holds yet another tournament, one that attracts not only the Street Fighters, but many factions, including those who battled the Orochi last--Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami. Finally, for the Orochi power to flow, it needs a host body. Bison's tech team thinks they've found a suitable carrier somewhere in Mexico...

The story will be told in cut scenes throughout the game, and will focus on the first character chosen for your team. One will play after the first three rounds, then a second one after another three rounds, then a pre-boss scene after another three rounds, then another scene after Orochi Bison, then the ending after the Orochi. Most of these, except the endings, are more or less the same for all the characters, but only the first one is exactly the same for all, so I'm posting it here. I also have all the Capcom side (Minus Vile) posted below in a .doc file. They are'nt written in any particular order so you may have to search a bit for the one you want...
Note: Kailu Lantis wrote the entire storyline, except for Zero and Vile.

After 3 fights:
Deep within the jungle, Mexico
(Black screen.)
???: Be gone, you worthless piece of junk! You are nothing to me!
???: Aaaaah!
(Hits fly around, just like the Raging Demon effect. All of a sudden, Huitzil's head rolls on the floor. A scared kid appears, reeling in fear, in front of the fallen head.)
Cesil: Noooo! Huitzil! Don't leave me!
Huitzil: R...Run! G...Get out of here...!! D...Don't...let him...get you!
Cesil: Huitzil! Please!
(Suddenly, Huitzil's head is blasted. Kid blows into tears)
Cesil: Noooooo! Why?! What do you want from me??!!
(A looming shadow, darkened by the effect of the sun, floats above the kid.)
Bison: I don't want you, you whining brat! I just want the power that lies deepn within your body! It calls out for me, and you shall be happy to oblige!
Cesil: W...What do you mean?
(Close-up of Bison's grin)
Bison: You'll know soon enough. Heh heh heh!
(Black screen.)
Cesil: Aaaaaarrrggghhh!
Bison: Take him away.
Soldier: Yes, sir!
(Back view of Bison, with his cape floating to the air.)
Bison: Yes...soon enough...this world shall know true chaos! All humans shall kneel before my presence, and fear my name like no other in history! And above the reign of death and pain, shall be I, the true Lord of Darkness....
(Front view of Bison, with his trademark evil grin and Psycho Power glowing around him.)
Bison: BISON!!!

The Capcom Story

SnK Story