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Okay, we have a satisfactory roster of fighters. We have the special moves for those characters figured out. We have a story tying them together. But where are they gonna fight? That question is answered here. I've designed sixteen (well, okay, twelve, four of 'em were taken directly from "classic" games...) stages for the fighting to take place in. So here they are.

Shotokan Dojo
This is basically Ryu's old background from Street Fighter II, but updated. You fight on a wooden platform on the roof as other parts of the dojo is visible in the background. There are mountains in the far background and it is sunset, casting a reddish hue over the battlefield.

Terry's Train
A classic SnK background. You fight on a flat car of a moving train as it speeds past the American landscape, including Mt. Rushmore. On the center of the train car is painted a star with "Capcom Vs. SnK X" in it.

The Great Wall of China.
Chun-Li's classic stage. You fight on the Great Wall of China in the early evening.

The Beach
This one's from Samurai Showdown. You fight on a rocky beach at night.

This fight takes place in front of a futuristic building marked Maverick Hunters Headquarters. The neighborhood is torn up as a humongous battle rages between Mega Man X, along with some generic Hunters, and Sigma and several Maverick Masters, including Magma Dragoon, Launch Octopus, and Neon Tiger. Scrambling around amidst the chaos are a couple of Mets (those hardhat guys from the Mega Man series.)

This takes place in a rain forest, with Mayan ruins overgrown with vines and weeds visible above the tree line. Various parts of Huitzl are scatterd about, due to the fact that he got destroyed by Bison.

Saykuu-Ryuu Dojo
This is inside a typical looking dojo, except for the fact that Blanka is sitting in the middle watching the fight (remember, he and Dan are apparently friends.) There are several students lounging around watching the fight with various degrees of interest, and if you look in one corner, there's a student playing a Puzzle Fighter arcade game.

Kyokugen Dojo
Very similar to the Saykuu-Ryuu Dojo above, but with Robert and Takuma watching the fight. And in the background, their students are actually training:)

The Playground
This stage is a fairly typical school playground. Watching the fight are Kensou and Bao (on the swings), the rest of the Gorin team on one side (taking a break from playing their various sports), and Tiffany just lounging on the grass on the other.

The Docks
No, this is not Ken's old stage, though it is similar. Its a typical dock in New York, but on the final round, a storm hits, blowing litter all over the place and causing the water to splash up onto the playing field.

The Military Train
This fight is inside yet another train, though this one is inside a car, with the big cargo doors open, showing mountainous terrain speeding by. There are lots of crates full of weapons scattered around, and on either side of the door are Ralph and Clark, each of them talking to one of the girls from Metal Slug.

The Arena
This is a basic Pro Wrestling/Boxing style arena, the stands are filled with fans. There is a referee in the center trying and failing to take control of the match (YOU try telling Yamazaki that he's disqualified for bringing a knife...)

The Blacknoah
This is Rugal's infamous aircraft carrier. You fight in a room with the basic navigation equipment and such, but on one side is Rugal's throne with his panther chained to it, and scattered throughout is his statue collection--some of them familiar faces, like Charlie.

The Back Alley
This is where Street Fighting generally takes place anyways, right? Its a lot like the one from CvS, complete with a shadow of your characters along the wall.

King's Bar
This is inside King's well reputed bar. The centerpiece is the bar itself with King serving the drinks. Besides King, there are quite a lot of other cameos in the stage. There's the Duck King at the bar getting a drink with Ryuhaku Todoh; two of her ex-partners, Kasumi and Li Zangfei, acting as waitresses; Lord Raptor playing guitar on stage; Balrog in one of the more shadowy tables getting piss drunk; and Birdie, acting as a bouncer.

The Street Basketball Court
This takes place inside one of those big city street ball courts, with the high chain link fence surrounding it. Leaning against the fence on the outside are Andy and Cody (classic Final Fight version--non prisoner). Inside the fence watching the fight are the old Sports Team/Team USA from KoF 94 and 98.

Orochi Bison Stage
This is a strange combination of a high tech lab, and a Thai-ish temple--complete with Buddha statues for decoration. The centerpiece is a machine/alter with the Mayan kid that Bison kidnapped from Huitzl floating in a sphere of energy. Every time a Super move is done, the sphere intensifies and the kid winces in pain. There is an open doorway on one side that shows there is a storm going outside.

The Orochi Stage
The same as above, except trashed. The ceiling has come completely off, revealing a strange vortex in the sky. There is no kid, obviously, since hes become the Orochi and is fighting you now. The Buddha statues now look somewhat Demonic.