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Fan Submissions

Due to the fact that I already got several really cool suggestions for CvS X that I just could't add due to the fact that my Character list is full, and K. Lantis is handling the stories. I decided to add this page. Send in anything CvSX related, be it art, stage ideas, character Ideas (with complete move lists) and I'll post it here if I like it enough. And if I REALLY like it (particularly backgrounds...) I just might add it to the "official" page. A fan submissions page for a fan created idea. What a concept! Oh, by the way, fanart doesn't necessarily have to be about the characters that K. Lantis and I chose to be in the game, all they have to be is about Capcom characters interacting with SnK characters.

Mega Man X Moves

By: Chris

K' Movelist

By: Iori Kyo

Urien Movelist

By: Iori Kyo

Adon Vs. Joe

By: Verry

Keiichro Movelist by Iory Kyo

Jubei Movelist by Iori Kyo

Shingo Movelist by Iori Kyo

Alex Movelist by Iori Kyo

Dimitri by Willie

Various Capcom Characters by Chris