Warrior with Hair of Fire Translations
Shoto Man's Warrior With Hair of Fire Translation Project!

Welcome, one and all to the W.W.H.F.T Project! I'm Shoto Man, your host for this browsing, and I am here to take you through one of the best series of comics in Fan Art history! You all know IRA and his awesome comics, right (if not, I suggest going right to IRAgination right now)? He kindly consented to let me translate his comics! Now us English Speakers will get the same experience as IRA's Spanish speaking guests! All you have to do is click on the picture below to enter.

Leagal stuff

Mega Man, Fire Man, and all related characters, insignia, etc. are copyrighted to Capcom. This site has has nothing to to with Capcom and no money is being payed for this site. The original stories and artwork are property of IRA. The translated works belong to me, Shoto Man. These works may be freely downlowded, printed, or anything else just so long as you do NOT sell these for a profit or put them on your owm web page.