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Records 'n stuff

Well, four months between updates ain't too bad, is it? I have a sprite sheet up and the new site I've been working on is now made public despite that it isn't finished.

The revamping of my site has begun! Not much new in the way of art or sections, but I do have a new chapter of my fanfic.

Wow! I didn't realize how long it's been. Not much now either, just a new link.

Hey, everybody! My W.W.H.F.T. Project is up and running! Check it out!

Issue #2 is in the W.W.H.F.T Project now! Also, I began replacing the CD Database pictures in my Robot Master Section with pictures from COMPLETE WORKS ROCKMAN pics. I have all but #6 done, though I have those pics on disk.

Oh wow! It's been nearly a year since my last update! I need to get that fanfic finished...
I do have a big update now, though. I have the third comic in the WWHFT section and I remodeled that site a little.