Shoto Man's Links
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Shoto Man's Links

What, leaving already? Oh, well. Guess you can't hang around all day. Anyways, here's some of the best sites I've seen around.

Mega Man sites
Mechadrake Assemblies Inc. Red Draco's Mega Man X site. She has more Manga images and funnier fanfics than anywhere else I've seen on the web.
The Mega Man Home Page This is the first Mega Man page I've seen on the Web. It's also one of the best. Check it out.
The Protoman Homepage A site dedicated to the great Protoman himself.
Iragination! IRA is another great artist! He actually has real online Mega Man (more like Fire Man) comics! They're all in Spanish, though...
Heat Man's Homepage Hey, I found Heat Man again! Go here for sprites! BTW, all his old sprites are up, even if the sections themselves aren't. You just need to know what to type into the URL...
Non-Mega Man Sites
Abe Forever This site was made by a friend of mine. And you thought that Kenny had some interesting death scenes.
Planet Namek One of the best DBZ sites there is!