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On her way back from school in her village, Ibuki hears the latest rumors in town. Tales of several sightings of swordsman from the past and future excite Ibuki to no end. Unfortunately, she has no way of escaping for so much time from school. On one night, she sees Guy beginning a travel. She catches up with him, and despite Guy’s objections, Ibuki decides to tag along as well.

“I’m no professional killer yet, but even if I was, I wouldn’t waste my time trying to kill flies!”
“Being so young and with this amount of skill, my victory came as a natural result, doncha think?”
“Hey, not all ninjas are cold hearted assassins! We also like to take some free time once in a while!”
“Not that I want to encourage you, but next time, will you please do a better effort than that?”
“Boy! My ninja training may be boring, but I guess it’s a toss-up between that and you!”
“Oh, oh! Now I’ve done it! I hurted someone badly. It wasn’t my fault you were such a wimp!"

Command Moves (Don’t know the official names)
Uppercut: B+LP
Ibuki does a standing uppercut. Good for basic air defense.
Poking Kick: F+LK
Ibuki does a forward kick with fair range.
Sliding Kick: DF+HK
Ibuki slides along the ground.
Special Moves
Kunai: QCF+P (air only)
Ibuki throws a knife at a downward angle depending on what punch you use. These have more priority and better speed than in 3rd Strike, but watch out for DP’s anyway.
Kubi Ori: HCF+P
Ibuki slides forward and if she isn’t blocked, she climbs on the opponent and breaks their neck(!) This does decent damage and stuns the opponent for a few seconds (where, realistically it would kill them–except maybe Zero and the Orcohi). The dash goes under mid level projectiles. If you do the move while your opponent is stunned it will “snap” them out of it.
Tsukiji Goe: DP+P
Ibuki does a forward sommersault that does no damage. But at the peak of her jump, she can attack.
Raida: HCB+P
A dashing throw similar to the Kubi Ori. Ibuki now grabs the opponent and blasts ‘em away with a burst of “Ki.” Her most powerful move.
Tsumuji: QCB+K
Ibuki basically kicks forward two or three times.
Kazekiri: DP+K
Ibuki takes a cue from Cammy and does a kicking air defense move. Ibuki’s is multi hitting like Ken’s though.
Hien: RDP+K
Ibuki jumps forward, kicks her opponent twice, then leaps backward–able to throw daggers at will.
Super Moves
Kasumi Suzaku: QCF(x2)+P (Air Only)
This is similar to Akuma’s Vs. Series air fireball super. Ibuki basically throws a mess of daggers downward at various angles.
Yoroi Doushi: QCF(x2)+P
If done in throw range, Ibuki grabs her opponent and blast him or her away with a HUGE blast of “Ki.” If done far, it’s basically a cheap one handed rip off of Chun-Li’s Kikousho.
Yami Shigure: QCB(x2)+P
Ibuki throws a pair of daggers at her opponent’s feet. If not blocked LOW, she dashes back and forth slashing at her opponent as she passes. Level determines the amount of times she slashes and damage of course.
Power-Up Mode: Ninja Master Ibuki
Effect: Ibuki takes out her daggers and uses them in battle! Your moves get added some cutting damage to them.
Downfall: If Ibuki gets hit too much, she will lose the daggers early.