Cannon Drill!
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In a MI-6 operation in the jungle of Colombia, Cammy is on the track of a drug-dealing organization. During the mission, her unit and another unit of the Ikari Warriors stumble upon each other. They both engage in combat, assuming the other party was the enemy. But, when the squad leaders, Cammy and Leona, get into eye contact, the battle stops. There is something familiar about one another...the secret of their it connected?

“! Did I just beat you? Sorry, I just can’t remember breaking a sweat.”
“Perhaps the pain in your body will remind you of this day. Learn something from it!”
“If you can’t help me find the answer about my past, you should better leave my sight!”
“Mission complete! Time to go party with the guys! Have a jolly good time, loser!”
“Bloody hell! What a poor opponent! I’m gonna take you in for bothering me so much!”
“Oh, that’s not fair! You dropped dead when I was starting to have some fun! Not good!”

Command Techniques
Special Attacks
Cannon Drill: QCF+K
Cammy spins forward feet first like an arrow. Has good range and speed.
Cannon Spike: DP+K
Cammy does an upward leaping kick. Similar in function to your basic Dragon Punch.
Spin Knuckle: HCB+P
Cammy hops forward, partially invunerable, and delivers a nasty little backhand when she lands. Good against projectile users.
Hooligan Combination: HCF,UF+P then...
Cammy rolls into a ball and leaps forward. From this you can do one of three moves or just hit kick to drop out of it:
Razor Edge Slicer: Do nothing during the Hooligan Combination.
Cammy does a sliding kick when she lands.
Fatal Leg Twister: F+K when close and high during the Hooligan Combination.
Cammy grabs the opponent with her legs and slams ‘im into the ground.
Cross Scissor Pressure: Press F+K when close and low during the Hooligan Combination.
Cammy does a varient of her Fatal Leg Twister that does more damage and looks cooler.
Super Moves
Spin Drive Smasher: QCF(x2)+K
Cammy does a multi-hit Cannon Drill into a multi-hit Cannon Spike. This is Cammy’s most reliable Super.
Reverse Shaft Breaker: QCB(x2)+K (hit K repeatedly for more hits)
Cammy drops to the ground and does a Cannon Drill straight up a la Shinryuken.
Killerbee Assault: Charge DB, DF, DB, UF+K (Max Level only).
Cammy flips to the wall behind her, yells “Lock On!” during the animation pause then leaps at her opponent. If she makes contact (not blocking of course) then she bounces off the walls, kicking her opponent, about five times, then slams ‘em into the ground! Definately her most powerful Super, but hard to hit with. If blocked, Cammy just bounces off and is wide open.
Power-Up Mode: Pain Bringer Cammy
Effect: Cammy can be accompanied by either Juni or Juli (remember, she saved their life in Alpha 3, so they owe her)! Your moves get to be followed up by Juni/Juli, including special moves!
Downfall: Double damage for Cammy (since it's two).

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