"Man, I wish Reploids could get drunk!"
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Zero comes from a world where robots, called Reploids, have just as much a free will as humans. He’s the leader of the special #00 Unit of the Maverick Hunters, a group dedicated to protecting humans from rogue Reploids. While he and his partner, Mega Man X, were on a routine patrol, a strange beam of light caught him and transported him to the “distant” past, where he finds himself fighting side by side with an ancient Samurai in an attempt to find his way home.

“I guess the history books were wrong. You guys suck!”
“If you’re the best your race has to offer, no wonder we Hunters are so busy.”
“Oh, come on! X and I have trained rookies that fight better than you!”
“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again...don’t piss me off.”
“If you think I’m tough, try taking on Sigma once.”
“That is what you get for messing with the #00 unit!”

Command Techniques
Air Dash: F, F in the air.
Just like it sounds, Zero dashes in the air.
Triangle Jump: Jump into a wall, then jump away from the wall.
Okay, this should be obvious. Zero could do it in the MMX series, so why can't he do it here?
Dash Attack: FP during a dash or air dash.
Zero slashes with his Beam Saber and this move stops his dash.
Special Moves
Hunter Slash: QCF+P
Zero dashes forward with a nifty little triple slash move. Think Cajun Slash.
Thunder Blade: QCB+P
Zero stabs straight forward with his Beam Saber crackling with electricity. Cancels projectiles and has more range than most stationary attacks.
Ryuinjinn: DP+P
Zero does a Dragon Punch style attack with a flaming Beam Saber. Air defense, obviously.
Ice Lance: QCF+K (air only)
Zero dives almost straight down with his Beam Saber turned into a huge ice lance. Surprise!
Hunter's Strike: QCB+K
This is a counter attack move. Zero goes into his blocking pose, and if he blocks an attack, he reacts with a dashing sword swing. LK makes him block low, HK makes him block high.
Super Moves
Phoenix Crush: QCF(x2)+P
Zero yells "Get Ready!" and punches the ground. Sending several energy blasts flying in the pattern of a Peacock's tail–one along the ground, two going in various upward angles, and one going pretty well straight up, and then some more in the same pattern behind him. To get the best damage, use this at the end of a combo. However, it is pretty difficult to avoid all the blasts from a long distance, so it makes for a good super for controlling the distance between you and your opponent. It's also good for people trying to cross you up, because of the fireballs going behind him. The higher the level, the more fireballs.
Fire ‘n Ice: QCF(x2)+K
Zero charges forward with a downward swipe with his flaming Beam Saber, then he goes into a Ryuinjinn, where, at the peak of his jump, he does a super powered Ice Lance. More powerful than The Phoenix Crush, and it's dang cool besides.
Maverick's Doom: QCB(x2)+P
Zero dashes forward and if he connects, he does a really nasty auto combo with his Beam Sabre, finishing it off by running his opponent through. Definitely Zero's most powerful, and coolest looking, Super, but somewhat hard to hit with effectively.
Power-Up Mode: Maverick Hunter Zero
Effect: Zero's armor turns golden. This way, his defense is increased.
Downfall: Zero can't block.