Final Atomic Buster!
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During the “coup-de-etat” that meant the fall of the communist party in Russia, Zangief is comissioned by the “president” himself (and if you saw the several Zangief endings throughout the years, you know who this guy is) to stop Shadaloo, since it was they who caused the people to revolt against them, and cause havoc in the country. Zangief will once again fight for the lost pride of his mother Russia!

“These muscles move me not. It is my love towards my country which leads me to victory!”
“There’s nothing better than hearing bones crunch in the morning, don’t you think?”
“I guess that not just your arms are broken this time. I can recommend a good hospital!”
“Russia might have fallen, but nobody can stop the Red Cyclone! Out of my way!”
“Ah, I’m not angry. Your techniques just make me laugh. They’re so funny!”
“You might be quick and smart, but once I get a hand on you, it’s all over. Good night!”

Command Techniques
Double Knee Drop: D+LK in the air
Zangief drops on both knees. Duh.
Body Press: D+HP in the air
Zangief does a body splash. Has a wide hit area.
Head-butt: F+HP
‘Gief hops forward and does a...head butt!
Special Moves
Double Lariat: 3P
‘Gief spins with both arms outstreached. Passes through most non-super projectiles.
Turbo Lariat: 3K
The Double Lariat sped up. Doesn't last as long, though.
Spinning Pile Driver: 360+P
Zangief's classic move! He grabs at his opponent, and if he hits, he leaps into the air, and slams their
head into the ground while spinning. The most damaging move in any game ‘Gief's in!
Atomic Suplex: 360+K (close)
Zangief grabs his opponent, leans back, slams ‘im into the ground, then leaps back and slams ‘em
again! The second most damaging move of any game he's in.
Flying Power Bomb: 360+K (far)
Zangief stumbles forward a short distance and attempts a grab. A successful grab will have Zangief
hop forward while slamming his opponent into the ground.
Banishing Flat: DP+P
Zangief steps forward and does a backhand with his hand glowing green. Cancels most non-super
Super Moves
Final Atomic Buster: 720+P
Zangief attempts a grab. If he's successful, he will basically slam his opponent into the ground several
times before doing a couple of SPD's. The most powerful Super in any game he's in. At least of the
Playable Characters.
Aerial Russian Slam: QCF+K
Zangief leaps upward and does one of three different slam type moves depending on the level of the
Super. Air defense ONLY!
Power-Up Mode: Mech Zangief
Effect: Kinda like the Versus series again. His "Yoga Flame" would become a normal Yoga Flame, of
course, and he won't have supers, obviously.
Downfall: Can't block, but can't be put down.