Hundred Slaps
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Command Techniques
En Yokou: F+LP
Yuri attacks with her booty :)
Senkai Kyaku: F+LK, LK
Yuri imitates Sakura's overhead kick, but you can add a second kick to it with her other leg.
Special Attacks
Koh-Oh-Ken: QCF+P (Hold P to charge)
Yuri throws a full screen fireball from one hand, like her brother. But charging the Punch button has her release a Haoh Sho Koh Ken, which does not hit for Super damage, of course, and is limited in range, like Sakura's fully charged Hadoken.
Yuri Cho Upper: DP+P
Yuri dashes forward a bit before doing a Dragon Punch style move. Do the motion again as she's in the air, and she will repeat with her other hand.
Raiouken: QCF+K
Yuri jumps up and throws an Akuma-like air fireball. Not quite as tactically useful as Akuma's due to the fact that Yuri's is a ground based move, but great for zoning and whatnot.
Yuri Cho Mawashi Geri: QCB+K
Basically, Yuri does an arcing Hurricane Kick, much like Sakura.
Yuri Cho Knuckle: QCB+P (Hold P again to charge)
Yuri turns her back to her opponent, and then leaps forward with a straight punch. Kinda like Terry's Burn Knuckle without the "Burn." Holding the Punch button will allow you to charge up range and damage as well as hit your opponent as Yuri swings her arm around.
Hundred Slaps: QCB,F+K (unblockable)
Yuri dashes forward and if she hits, she grabs her opponent by the collar and slaps ‘im in the face over and over! I think this move is hilarious myself, and being unblockable, has definite uses at mid range as a surprise attack.
Super Moves
Hien Houou Kyaku: QCF, HCB+K
This is basically the same thing as Ryo's Ryuuko Ranbu. Yuri dashes forward, and if she connects, she "walks" up her opponent by kicking them repeatedly. Doesn't hit quite as hard as her brother's Super, of course.
Yuri Cho Reppa: QCF(x2)+P
Yuri does a Shoryu Reppa, changing hands with each punch. Unlike Ken, however, she does three punches at Levels 1 and 2, and five on Max Level.
Shin Cho Upper: QCF(x2)+K (Max Level ONLY)
Yuri does a Shin Shoryuken that doesn't hit quite as hard as Ryu's, but still plenty hard enough to be worth it.
Power Up Mode: Pretty Gal Yuri
Effect: Yuri glows pink as cherry blossom leaves fall like snow. Yuri now has UNLIMITED supers.
Downfall: Supers cause less damage than usual and you can't combo them anymore.