The Drill!
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Ryuuji Yamazaki

Command Techniques
Bussashi: F+LP
Basic overhead punch. Hits low blockers.
Special Attacks
Sabaki no Aikuchi: DP+P
Yamazaki does a slash with his knife with LP and a nifty little knife combo with FP.
Hebi Tsukai Joudan: QCB+LP (Hold LP to delay)
Yamazaki does an upward punch that goes deceptively far and fast. His arm is just a blur. This has reach of about half the screen. As you delay it, it gains power to a certain point, but leaves Ryuuji wide open. With any of these Hebi Tsukai moves, if you hold down the attack long enough, he does all three variants in quick succession.
Hebi Tsukai Chuudan: QCB+HP (Hold HP to delay)
The same as the move above, except it attacks straight ahead.
Hebi Tsukai Gedan: QCB+HK (Hold HK to delay)
The same as the moves above except angled downward.
Sadomazo: HCF+K
Yamazaki sticks out his tongue and says something that translates to "Come here and fight!" If he's attacked by any physical attack, bar sweeps, he will QUICKLY counter with a red burning fist.
Bai Gaeshi: QCF+P
Yamazaki does a flaming uppercut/blocking pose that absorbs projectiles and uses that energy to throw a crecent moon shaped projectile right back at his opponent. It even works against Shoma's Fastball.
Yamiire: DP+K
Yamazaki has an overhead special kick. He basically does an axe kick, but it hurts a lot more then Ken's.
Bakudan Pachiki: HCB,F+P
Yamazaki attempts to grab at his opponent and if he does, he laughs in their face before giving ‘em a headbutt that causes a HUGE explosion! Ryuuji rubs his head in pain afterwards :)
Super Moves
Guillotine: F, HCF+P
Yamazaki does an attack that looks a lot like a Power Dunk (at least, it always has to me) and if he hits his opponent, he drags ‘em all over the screen, finishing off the move with throwing ‘em up into the air with a maniacal yell. This is an overhead Super (Not many of those...) And it goes over projectiles.
The Drill: 360+P (Press P Rapidly)(Close Only) (Max Level Only)
Yamazaki does an uppercut that launches his opponent clear off the screen. While they are up in the stratosphere, press Punch as fast as you can. What he does when the opponent lands again is dependent upon it (and there is no way for your opponent to get out of any of this if the move hit).
Level 1: Butt Whompin' 0-4 taps
Yamazaki does a basic 11 hit auto combo that ends with him blasting his opponent away with a huge drill-shaped flaming blast from his fist.
Level 2: Butt Kickin' 5-8 taps
Similar to the one above, but with kicks instead of punches.
Level 3: Head Smashin' 9-12 taps
Ryuuji grabs his opponent as they land and does a bunch of headbutts on ‘em, finishing with an exploding headbut. Then he grins in satisfaction before "Drilling" the opponent.
Level 4: Rapid Punches: 13 on up taps
Yamazaki pounds his opponent with many, many, many of his extended arm specials before doing the Drill at the end. This just leaves the opponent suspended in the air for a long time.
Level 5(!): Press all four attacks after reaching Level 4.
Ryuji lets his opponent have it with lots of those counter projectiles of his as they land, then finishes ‘em off with that drill of his. Obviously the most visually impressive version and most damaging. Level 5 drill rivals the Final Atomic Buster in damage! Maybe even surpasses it! Of course, the range of the move is unfortunately quite small.
Power Up Mode: Insane Yamazaki.
Effect: What some people may not know, is that Yamazaki is actually of the Orochi Blood. But because he's so accustomed to violence as it is, he never goes ROB. In this mode, he goes semi ROB (with just a small change in posture and skin tone), increasing his strength and speed.
Downfall: Ryuuji dizzies after the move is over and is left wide open (so don't end it early).