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X5 Sprites!

While surfing the 'Net, I came accross the shattered remnents of a site called "Pharaoh Man's Pyramid." Some hackers completely destroyed the site and all that was on it was the site manager's newest offering--sprite sheets for Mega Man X5. The page said that the sheets were free to take, since the site itself was no more, so I decided that as one of the few pages without sprites, I'd put 'em on my page. Since I didn't build these sprites, I can't rightly tell you not to put 'em up on your page, so feel free to do so. Also, if you'd like to contribute some sprites to this page, just E-Mail me at You get all the credit for the sprites you send in. I'm particularly looking for X, Zero and Sigma sprites, but you can send in just about anything--from any game in the series for that matter.