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Command Techniques
Triangle Jump: Jump into a wall, then jump away.
I figure that if Zero can do it, so can Vile.
Special Attacks
Shoulder Cannon: QCF+P
Vile fires a shot from that cool cannon he has on his shoulder. Basic projectile, but with minimum recovery.
Vulcan Cannon: QCF+P in the air.
Vile fires a shot from his cannon at a downward angle. Basic air fireball.
Missing Robot: DP+2P or 2K
This is basically Juni's Mach Slide teleport. Vile dashes forward with shadows behind him and is totally invincible as he does so. Punch goes farther than Kick.
Rushing Charge: QCB+K
Vile dashes forward and does a shoulder attack, leaving a puff of smoke behind him.
Maverick Kick: QCF+K
Vile does a low sliding kick, kinda like Terry's Fire Kick, but without the second kick.
Death From Above: QCF+K (air only)
Vile does a downward shoulder bash while surrounded with a glowing aura of energy.
Super Moves
Photon Bomb: QCF(x2)+P
Vile's shoulder cannon transforms into a huge, multi-barreled thing that shoots a HUGE Super Fireball. One of the cooler looking Super Fireballs, but still pretty basic.
Metal Cutter: QCB(x2)+P
Vile dashes forward while he slashes wildly with his arms, creating energy blades as he does and finishes with a slashing somersault kick. Similar to the Berserker Barrage X Super, but not as cheap.
Final Hunter: QCF(x2)+K
The name should tell you that this is a Final Justice type move. Vile dashes forward and if he connects with his opponent, he does this awesome auto-combo where he repeatedly teleports to either side of his opponent to attack. At level 3, this does an automatic dizzy while Vile charges energy in his fist, then he impales his enemy with a blast of energy. A must see!
Power Up Mode: Flying Menace Vile
Effect: Vile gains a rocket pack that allows him to fly at will.
Downfall: Vile cannot do any ground based moves–meaning, the only Special available to him is the Vulcan Cannon.