C'mon, hit him in the face! I dare ya!
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While he was walking through his mansion, Vega suddenly had a sighting. In front of him, the succubus Morrigan appeared. Morrigan urges Vega to kill all those who stand in his way, in order to make beauty prevail. Enchanted by Morrigan’s beauty, Vega’s insanity increases to dangerous proportions, and now he is ready for anything!

“A beautiful victory for a beautiful fighter. There is no comparison in the world!”
“All that is left of your pathetic self, is a stain of blood in my claws. Hee hee hee!”
“From now on, I suggest a new color for your skin. I shall paint it red with blood!”
“There is no prettier sight than seeing you grovel in pain and suffer. How lustful!”
“You deserve to die in agony and misery for your insolence. What a sight it will be!”
“If my face ever gets touched, I’ll rip your innards up, and show them to you!”

Note: Getting hit too many times makes Vega drop his claw.
Command Techniques
Backward Kick: F+HK
Vega does a hopping kick thing. No biggie.
Triangle Jump: Jump into a wall, then jump away.
Just like Chun-Li's and Guy's.
Special Moves
Backslash: 2P
A backflip that makes Vega invincible but does not attack.
Short Backslash: 2K
Same as the Backslash, but doesn't go very far.
Flying Barcelona Attack: Charge D, U+K, P
Vega flips to the wall behind him, bounces off, then does a swan dive type attack with his claw.
Izuna Drop: Charge D, U+K, D+P when close.
Vega starts like the Flying Barcelona Attack, then grabs his opponent and slams his head into the ground.
Rolling Crystal Flash: Charge B, F+P
Vega rolls forward and slashes his opponent at the end of the move.
Sky High Claw: Charge D, U+P
Vega flips to the wall behind him, then flies straight at his opponent with his claw straight forward. In SSF2, this move took my by surprise more times than any other.
Scarlet Terror: Charge B, F+K
Vega does a weird forward flip that acts as air defense. Leaves him open.
Super Moves
Rolling Barcelona Attack: Charge DB, DF, DB, UF+K, P
A super version of the Barcelona Attack, Vega slashes several times on his way down.
Rolling Izuna Drop: Charge DB, DF, DB, UF+K, D+P when close.
A super version of the Izuna Drop, Vega does several slams in a row.
Scarlet Mirage: Chare B, F, B, F+K
A Shoryu Reppa type move with the Scarlet Terror.
Red Imact: Charge B, F, B, F+P (Max Level Only) (With Claw Only)
Vega stabs forward with his claw, and if he hits he throws his opponent into the air, aims his claw upward, and lets the hapless character impale themselves on it. Ouch! Drains a lot of life!
Power-Up Mode: Deadly Beauty Vega
Effect: Vega removes his mask, and begins to be followed by images of himself. Kinda works like Rose's Soul Illusion.
Downfall: You can't deal too much damage (and hits in the face count as double, you know how Vega hates it :).