Buster Wolf!
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Terry Bogard

Command Techniquies
Rising Upper: DF+FP
An uppercut. Not much else to say.
Special Moves
Power Wave: QCF+P
Terry punches the ground sending a burst of flaming energy along the ground. This is the classic SnK ground fireball.
Burn Knuckle: QCB+P
Terry throws both arms up for a split second before flying across the screen with his fist burning with "ki" energy. Good way to get across the screen and do damage at once.
Crack Shoot: QCB+K
Terry does a nice forward flip kick. Basic close to mid range attack.
Rising Tackle: DP+P
Terry flips upside down and spins upward with both fists out to his side. Basic air defense, but is a multi-hit attack.
Power Dunk: DP+K
Terry hops into the air and then slams his fist downward with a huge blast of flame. This knocks the opponent into the air on the way up, and slams ‘em into the ground on the way down.
Super Moves
Power Geyser: QCB, HCF+P
Terry Pounds the ground and causes a huge burst of flame to erupt right at his feet. At Level 2, he follows it up with another one at mid range, and on Level 3 he follows the second one up with a third at long range. The opponent will get juggled between the three blasts if the first one hits.
Buster Wolf: QCF(x2)+K
Terry's Super from Mark of the Wolves. He flies full screen with a Burn Knuckle and ends by blasting ‘em with a burst of fire from his fist. Very cool.
Power Up Mode: Lone Wolf Terry
Effect: Terry turns his cap around backwards as swirling energy comes from the ground around his body. During this mode, all of Terry's attacks (basic and special) get extra hits, and thus do more damage.
Downfall: Terry takes more damage.