Watch out for his Fastball!
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Shoma and the baseball team of Gorin High School is about to play the national championship, but since Japan is in curfew thanks to Bison’s activities, the game is suspended until the menace dissipates. Always the short-tempered young man, Shoma vows to defeat Bison, end his iron rule, and allow his team to play and win the nationals. He won’t give up just yet!

“I just knocked your head off into a home run! I can use the rest of your body as bases, too!”
“You were no match against the power of my mighty bat. Scram, you bench warmer!”
“Sorry, no one left in the lineup. To the bleachers with you! Until next season, if you can take it!”
“You can try every year, but it doesn’t matter how far you go, I’ll always be there to smash you!”
“The smell of hot dogs and the taste of tobacco...Baseball is something that I’ll never abandon!”
“Twit! You placed a dent on my bat! Now I’ll have to fix it by bashing you up some more!”

Command Techniques
Overhead Stab: F+LP
Shoma drives his baseball bat downards. This is an overhead.
Quick Swing: F+HP
Shoma swings his bat and knocks down his opponent.
Special Attacks
Fast Ball: QCF+P
Shoma winds up and throws a baseball at an incredible speed. This is the fastest, smallest projectile in the game. It's also just high enough to go over just about any mid-level projectile. Surprise!
Grand Slam Smash: DP+P
Shoma whips out his bat and spins around with it twice. This move is stationary, but the second swing has slightly more range than the first. Great for finishing combos.
Homicide Slide: QCF+K
Shoma does a quick flying kick. This is a very fast attack and is a great way of getting from point A to point B while getting a hit in besides.
Single Hook Smash: HCF+P
Shoma lunges forward with his bat, and if he hits, he hoists his opponent over his head with it, spins, then throws his opponent across the screen. This is a blockable special throw.
Super Moves
Hundred Balls: QCF(x2)+P
This is the super version of the Fast Ball. Shoma throws a large cluster of baseballs at his opponent. It doesn't quite go full screen, but it is one of the harder hitting super projectiles in the game.
Home Run Hitter: QCB(x2)+P
Shoma takes a step in the background and goes into a batting stance before the animation pause, then does a single, mega-powerful swing that takes off a huge chunk of life. This is a hard hitting, but close range attack. However, when he goes into his batting stance, he actually dodges most attacks.
Power Hook Bash: QCF(x2)+K (Max level ONLY)
Shoma lunges with his bat, and if he connects, he spins around really fast with his opponent hoisted over his head, then he slams' em into the ground so hard that they actually bounce up again, where he smashes his bat right into their stomach. Obviously Shoma's most powerful Super, but hard to connect with.
Power-Up Mode: Home Run Hero Shoma
Effect: Acts like Oro's Kishin Riki. If Shoma grabs the opponent, he bats them to the other end of the screen, doing some really nice damage.
Downfall: Shoma can't do normal moves (since they act like throws).