Madare Zakura!
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Sakura is about to graduate from high school, and her prom is due soon. Everybody else has a date...except her! (Obviously, many boys are scared that Sakura might hurt them or something like that). Of course, Sakura has other plans in mind. Can you figure out who she wants to be her date for the prom? Yep, you guessed it. With that in mind, Sakura goes in search of "that man" again....

"Oh, I'm sooo late for class! If I keep this up, I'll never graduate! And I hate summer courses!"
"Cheer up! You weren't half bad...the problem is, you weren't half good, either. Got it?"
"Oh, for crying out loud, if he could just see me now. Giving the beatdown like no one else!"
"Nah, you wouldn't even have a chance to date me. But you can help me do my math homework!"
"I'm on the limit in the upcoming class! Hey you! Are you from the school board? I can't be late!"
"People like you are why I keep on fighting. Every fight makes me so excited! Bring it on!"

Command Techniques
Flower Kick: F+LK
Sakura does an overhead kick that shows off her undies!
Special Moves
Hadoken: QCF+P(P,P)
Sakura tries to imitate Ryu's Hadouken. Her's is quite different, though. If you hit punch once, she
throws a puny fireball that goes a long way. If you hit punch twice, she charges the energy in her hands
a bit and the fireball will be bigger and stronger, but will fizzle out at mid range. With three punches, the
charge takes the longest, the fireball will be huge, and it only goes about two paces. Use at your
Diagonal Hadoken: QCF+K(K,K)
This has all the properties of her regular Hadoken, but she throws it at a diagonal–similar to her fireball
in the Verses series.
Shouken: DP+P
Sakura dashes forward and does a jumping uppercut move. Not as good for air defense because of
the dash, but excellent in combos. Jab runs a shorter distance than Fierce.
Shunpuukyaku: QCB+K
Sakura does a Hurricane Kick that travels in an arc. It goes higher with the Short Kick, but it goes
farther with the Roundhouse kick. Knocks down at one hit.
Super Moves
Shinkuu Hadoken: QCF(x2)+P
Sakura throws a HUGE ball of "Ki" (even bigger than a fully charged Hadoken) that goes about half
the screen's distance before fizzling. It loses hits the further out it goes, but does more hits per level.
Midare Zakura: QCF(x2)+K
Can you say "Shoryu Reppa?" I knew you could...Not as powerful as Ken's, though.
Haru Ichiban: QCB(x2)+K
Sakura does a low spinning kick that moves her forward followed by a kick to the face. Must be
blocked low. Gains more hits and distance per level.
Power-Up Mode: Sunburned Sakura
Effect: In essence, it's the same deal as the Versus series. Of course, you can't do supers, but Sakura
gains Akuma-like moves (teleport, air projectile, multi-hit uppercut, etc.).
Downfall: Like Akuma, Sakura gets to receive more damage than usual.