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This time around, Ryu isn't just looking to "improve his skills by fighting against worthy challengers". Now he's more than willing to eliminate his "dark side" once and for all, so he can eliminate all obstacles that forbid him to reach the highest skill ever attained by a fighter (who are we kidding, we know he'll always excuse him to keep on fighting :).

"If you fight for what you believe in, you'll become even stronger. Never forget that."
"Do not rely solely upon your skills. It takes a lot of heart to win a battle as well!"
"Your mind was not into this battle. Clear your thoughts, and challenge me again!"
"Even though I have been fighting for years, I still can't find the answers I'm looking for..."
"Everybody can learn something from a fight. I guess I can make an exception with you."
"No matter how many times you try, you'll never win if you don't give it your all!"

Command Attacks
Sakotsu Wari: F+LP
Ryu's classic downward, two hit, overhead punch. Has considerable start up delay and moves slightly
Sempukyaku: F+LK
Looks like a single spin of the Hurricane Kick. Goes over sweeps.
Special Moves
Hadouken: QCF+P
Ryu's classic fireball. He thrusts both hands out and shouts "Hadoken!" releasing a blue ball of "ki"
energy. Use it for long distance games and poking.
Shakunetsu Hadoken: HCF+P
Just like the Hadoken, except its flaming and knocks down at close range.
Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku: QCB+P (can be done in air)
The classic Hurricane Kick. Ryu hops in the air and spins forward with his leg out. Goes over fireballs
and knocks down after one hit.
Shoryuken: DP+P
With a shout of "Shoryuken!" Ryu leaps into the air and thrusts his fist upward. Basic air defense and
knocks down after one hit.
Super Moves
Shinkuu Hadouken: QCF(x2)+P
Basically a bigger, stronger version of the Hadoken. It absorbs projectiles etc. at a loss of one hit per
fireball. Increases number of hits per level.
Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku: QCB(x2)+K
Ryu does a Hurricane Kick that stays stationary. Has fairly short range but does the terrific damage.
Lasts longer per level.
Shin Shoryuken: QCF(x2)+K (Max level only)
If this move does not hit in the first hit frame of animation, Ryu just does a powered up Dragon Punch.
But if he does, he does a ground uppercut followed by a two hit Dragon Punch that faces the screen!
Awsome damage!
Power-up Mode: True Warrior Ryu
Effect: Ryu begins to emit blue Hado aura, which swirls around his body, and mostly concentrates on
his fists. This way, all of Ryu's special moves will include an extra Hado burst (including the Hadoken,
which upgrades to the Denjin Hadoken).
Obviously more damage is added.
Downfall: Ryu is slowed down to Anakaris speed.