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Command Techniques
Hyouchuu Wari: F+LP
Basically, it's Ryu's Collarbone-Breaker. It's an overhead.
Special Attacks
Kououken: QCF+P
Ryo throws a fireball from one hand. It's a basic projectile. However, it can be done in the air, and that goes downward at an angle, like Akuma's Air Fireball.
Kohou: DP+P
It's a Dragon Punch that faces the screen! Basic air defense.
Hien Shippu Kyaku: HCB+K
Ryo does the spinning kick move that Dan stole as his Dankuukyaku. His is better with more range and less start up time, of course.
Zennretsuken: F,B,F+P
After a brief start up delay, Ryo punches rapidly in place a-la Chun-Li and E. Honda. If an opponent gets caught in this, even if it's the last frame of hit animation, they get pounded for all the possible hits, before getting uppercutted away! This was my favorite move in the early games, and still remains one now.
Kyokugenryuu Renbuken: HCB+P
Ryo dashes forward with a gut punch that turns into a four hit combo on contact.
Super Moves
Haou Shououken: F, HCF+P
Ryo throws a Super Fireball that put's Ryu's to shame in terms of size (it's as tall as Ryo himself!) and speed. However, to make up for this, there is a moment of delay as Ryo charges his energy even after the animation pause.
Ryuuko Ranbu: QCF,HCB+P
Ryo dashes forward and on contact with his opponent, he launches into a huge combo that ends in a Kohou. At Max level he does a small Kohou followed by a Shinryuken type attack. If blocked, he does the combo anyways, minus the Kohou.
Tenchi Hakouken: QCF(x2)+P (Max Level only)
Ryo does a single straight punch that does a lot of damage and sends his opponent flying across the screen.
Power Up Mode: Rampaging Tiger Ryo
Effect: Ryo enters his tiger stance (his standing animation from the newer KoF games) as his hands emit a glowing aura. During this mode, all of his Specials become "ES" (Enhanced Specials) in a similar manner as in Darkstalkers.
Downfall: Normal attacks do less damage.