God Press!
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Command Techniques
Double Tomahawk: F+LK
Rugal kicks upwards at a ninety degree angle and adds an extra hit on the way down.
Special Attacks
Reppuken: QCF+P
Rugal does a ground fireball that he stole directly from Geese Howard.
Genocide Cutter: DP+K
Rugal does a jumping upward kick that creates an energy blade that covers him really well. It looks a lot like Guile's Flash Kick, except he doesn't flip upside down.
Dark Varia: QCF+K
Rugal creates an energy ball in one hand that damages his opponent and reflects projectiles. This is like Athena's reflect attack.
God Press: HCB+P
Rugal dashes at his opponent and if he hits, he carries the poor sap all the way to the wall and slams him into it. This is a blockable throw.
Kaiser Wave: F, HCF+P (Chargable)
Rugal rears back and throws a HUGE fireball at his opponent. This can be delayed by holding the Punch button and it causes more damage when it does.
Super Moves
Gigatech Pressure: QCF, HCB+P
Rugal does a beefed up God Press that results in a huge energy column with a skull in it when the opponent hits the wall. At Max level, he does two God Presses.
Dead End Screamer: QCF(x2)+K
Rugal leaps at his opponent with an unblockable stomping move. If he hits, he stomps on his opponent, spins like a top, causing his feet to act as a drill, then flexes as his opponent is sent away.
Power Up Mode: Blood Thirsty Rugal
Effect: Rugal's hands begin to bleed, and any physical attack he connects with will cause him to absorb his opponent's energy.
Downfall: Each hit massively charges up his opponent's Super Meter.