Rock Howard (Hidden Character)
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Rock Howard

Command Techniques
Special Attacks
Reppuken: QCF+LP
Like his dad, Rock sends a blast of energy along the ground for a long range attack.
Double Reppuken: HP
Also like "Daddy," Rock throws a stationary Reppuken, then powers it up with another Reppuken. This is good for keep away players.
Crack Counter Joudan: QCF+LK
Rock has counter moves, too. But when he blocks an attack with this move, he does a Crack Shoot, one of Terry's moves, and it simply doesn't counter as well as Geese's counter attacks.
Crack Counter Gedan: QCF+HK
Just like the move above, but it blocks low.
Rising Tackle: Charge D, U+P
Rock rises upside down into the air spinning with his fists out. Like Terry, this is his key air defense and hits a lot on the way up.
Hard Edge: QCB+P
Rock does kind of a "Burning Elbow" move, followed by a palm strike with the FP version. Use it like the Burn Knuckle.
Rage Run: Dunk: QCB+LK
Rock runs up to his opponent, then does Terry's Power Dunk move. This is an overhead and good for surprise attacks.
Rage Run: Shift: QCB+HK
Rock runs up to his opponent, then teleports behind them. Great for throwing your opponent off if you're an aggressive player.
Shinkuu Nage: 360+P
This is Rock's command throw. If he grabs his opponent, he spins ‘em around in a circle before launching him into the air. This does good damage, but there is no longer a follow up to it.
Super Moves
Raging Storm: QCF(x2)+K
Rock imitates Geese again and does his Raging Storm Super. Rock's isn't as wide as Geese's or do as much damage, however.
Shine Knuckle: QCF(x2)+P
Rock flies across the screen with a super version of Terry's Burn Knuckle, and if he hits' he then elbows his opponent in the face with a flaming elbow, then does a super-powered Rising Tackle. Not as powerful as his other Supers, but is a good mistake punisher due to it's speed.
Deadly Rave Neo: hcb, f + A, ,A, A, B, B, C, C, D, D, qcb + C (Max Level Only)
Again, I can never get this move to work, but it is a flashy auto combo super that does a lot of damage.
Power-Up Mode: Renegade Rock
Effect: Rock creates purple energy wings, in a similar fashion to his win pose, which makes him faster, and powers up his attacks with extra "ki."
Downfall: Rock takes extra damage from combos.