The Serpant Awakens!
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Note: The Orochi does not duck, but he can still defend low.
Also, he only has one level of Super, just like O. Bison.
Special Attacks
Orochi Wave: Orochi points at his opponent and releases several black orbs of energy. This is much like most other characters super projectiles. It hits multiple times and passes through non- Super fireballs at a loss of one hit a fireball. Super Fireballs will simply cancel out with this one.
Thunder Strike: Orochi rears back and a lightning bolt hits at one of several different spots. He often uses this to keep you from rushing him.
Orochi Shield: This is basically a counter attack. Orochi points in front of him. If you hit him with a physical attack, then a glass like shield appears and shatters, knocking you away.
Upward Shield: The same as above, except it guards against airborne attacks.
Teleport: Orochi disappears and reappears elsewhere.
Genocide Cutter: Just like Rugal's, this is an air defense move.
Super Moves
The Shining: Orochi rears back and the entire screen flashes golden. All you can do is block, but it doesn't do a lot of chipping damage. It DOES do horrific "normal" damage, though. Fortunately, it takes a split second for this move to come out, so you can defend against it if you aren't in the middle of a move.
Soul Smasher: Orochi rears back and starts to glow. When he's doing this, you start getting dragged in his direction. Hold away from him to resist the pull. If you get within range, Orochi impales you with his hand, and brings out a purple orb (your character's soul). He then crushes it, sending your player flying. This is unblockable, and Orochi has a tendency to do this right within range.
Note: Orochi has no power ups.