I am the Alpha and the Omega...
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Omega Rugal

Note: Omega Rugal cannot be put on the same team as "normal" Rugal.

Command Techniques
Double Tomahawk: F+LK
Rugal kicks upwards at a ninety degree angle and adds an extra hit on the way down.
Special Attacks
Gravity Smash: QCF+P
Omega Rugal spreads his arms like a Kaiser Wave, but he surrounds the upper part of his body with an electric sphere instead. It can be delayed and fireballs won't penetrate it, unless you manage to jump over him and throw one at his back. If it isn't delayed, Rugal throws it as a projectile.
Vanishing Rush: HCB+P
Rugal crosses his arms and dashes forward in a blur. Think of it as a teleport that hits...but not quite as many times as it has in the past.
Genocide Cutter: DP+K
Rugal does his "Flash Kick" rip-off, then follows with an energy-enhanced kick straight up before he lands, making this an even more powerful Air-Defense than the normal Rugal.
Dark Varia: QCF+K
This is the only move Omega Rugal that's more or less the same as the normal one. It reflects fireballs.
Super Moves
Gigatech Pressure: QCF, HCB+P
Omega Rugal may no longer have his God Press, but he has the Super Variation of it. It's exactly the same as normal Rugal's, but does more damage.
Rugal Execution: QCF(x2)+P
A green flame appears in Omega Rugal's hand, and he tries to pierce his opponent with it. If it hits and is not blocked, he drains his opponent of his energy like his electric hold, but his opponent is glowing purple. When he finishes the move, he throws ‘em away and flicks his wrist to clean the blood off his hand. Probably his most damaging Super.
Destruction Omega: QCF(x2)+K
Rugal raises his hand and attempts to grab his opponent with a blockable throw. If successful, Rugal begins to beat down on his opponent with a powerful auto cutter which ends in a normal Genocide Cutter. On Max, not only is the combo longer, but he finishes with his Double Cutter. His second most damaging Super.
Power-Up Mode: Blood Thirsty Omega Rugal
Effect: Just like normal Rugal's, his hands bleed and he absorbs his opponent's energy.
Downfall: Just like normal Rugal's his attacks fill up the opponent's Super Meter faster.