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Riot of the Blood Leona

Note: Like ROB Iori, ROB Leona is the same as her "normal" counterpart, but with better speed and power, plus a damage handicap. She can't be put on the same team as her normal counterpart.

Command Techniques
Strike Arch: F+WK
This is a leaping overhead kick. Goes over sweeps and knocks turtlers on their duffs.
Special Attacks
Baltic Launcher: Charge B, F+P
Leona rears back and a large ball of energy forms in front of her. With the HP version, she hops forward a bit as she releases the move.
Grand Saber: Charge B, F+K
Leona quickly crawls forward and if she hits, she slashes her opponent with a blade of energy.
Moon Slasher: Charge D, U+P
Leona whips her hand around, covering the front part of her body with a crescent moon shaped energy slash. Covers her entire frontal area and is good for air defense.
I-Slasher: QCB+P
Leona rolls backward and throws a moon-shaped "boomerang" made of energy. This can hit on the way over and the way back, but the roll kinda gives the move away.
Earring Bomb: QCB+K
Leona takes off an earring, powers it up with "ki" energy, then throws it on the ground, where it bounces until it hits something, then it explodes.
X-Caliber: Charge D, U+K
Leona leaps forward in the air and tries to grab her opponent. If she does, she hops back and hits ‘em with an air fireball thingie.
Super Moves
V-Slasher: QCF, HCB+P (Air Only)
Leona dives down and if she hits her opponent, she grabs her opponent, then does a leaping slash move that creates a "V" of energy and sends the opponent flying.
Revolver Spark: QCB, HCF+K
Leona dashes forward, like her Grand Saber and if she hits, she stabs her hand into her opponent's stomach and blasts energy clear through him so that it looks like a fuse coming out of their back. She then flips back, poses, and her opponent blows up! Awesome Super!
Gravity Storm: QCF(x2)+P
On levels one and two, Leona does two fancy looking kicks, one with each foot, that knock the opponent into the air, she then leaps up and knocks them away. On Max Level, she does four kicks, then leaps up and does an awesome kick with both feet that creates a huge energy column and blows the opponent up!
Grateful Dead: QCF(x2)+K (Max Level ONLY)
Leona dashes forward and if she hits, she flips over her opponent, grabs ‘em by the face, then drains their energy into her body. This not only does great damage to the opponent, but also heals Leona of some of her own damage.
Power-Up Mode: Killing Flower RoB Leona
Effect: A shadow covers Leona's face and her eyes glow evilly. All her moves make the opponent blow up and thus causes more damage.
Downfall: All of her moves have less range.