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Orochi M. Bison

This is the first of the two NON PLAYABLE boss characters--Orochi Bison. Bascally, he takes moves from Vs. Series Bison, EX Series Bison, and Shin Bison and enhances 'em all. He's pretty difficult but nowhere near as hard as the Orochi. Note: He only has one level of Super Moves--POWERFUL!

“Curse those who dare oppose me! As they shall suffer a painful and miserable death!”
“The world seems like a minor task to me now. From here on, entire galaxies will fall before my might!”
“Fool! How could you ever expect to beat me, the greatest fighter of all time? Blasphemy!”
“I didn’t even have to use my entire power to squash you! All humans will follow suit!”
“For opposing me, now you shall be crushed with my enhanced Psycho Power. To your agony!”
“With a flick of my finger, entire worlds shall crumble. I can destroy you with a mere thought!”

Special Moves
Psycho Shot: Bison uppercuts and throws his old Alpha fireball. Watch out, cuz it’s been powered up in speed and damage.
Scissors Kick: This is basically his old Scissors Kick, but he has Psycho/Orochi power surrounding his legs as he does this for extra damage.
Bison Warp: Bison dissapears and reappears somewhere else. He can appear almost anywhere.
Psycho Explosion: Bison’s Vs. Series projectile. He fires off a harmless little ball of Psycho energy and it explodes in a huge and damaging sphere after a set distance. He is no longer as left open anymore.
Head Stomp: Bison stomps on his opponent’s (your) head with Psycho Power surrounding his feet.
Skull Diver: The same as in the Alpha/Vs. Series. Bison dives down with his hands surrounded in Psycho Power.
Super Moves
Orochi Crusher: Just think of Shin Bison’s Psycho Drive Crusher and you pretty much got it . Bison torpedos forward surrounded with so much energy, it looks like he’s doing a screen-tall beam super behind him.
Demon Press Nightmare: This is Bison's Max Level KPN from the NGPC version of Snk Vs. Capcom. He does three Knee Presses in a row, followe by an uppercut. If the move was successful in hitting, then the uppercut will knock you down, as O. Bison dissapears, then stomps on your gut! Ouch!
Orochi Explosion: A souped up version of the Psycho Explosion.

As you can see, he doesn't have any Power-Up Modes. He doesn't need 'em.

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