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Command Techniques
None that I know of...
Special Attacks
Annu Metsube: B,DB,D+P
Nakoruru slides along the ground with her glowing blade extended in front of her. Must be blocked low and is quite fast.
LeLa Metsube: QCF+P
Has the same animation as the Annu Metsube above, but she slides forward a very short distance before going into the air and almost off the screen. In other words, this is an air defense move.
Kamui Rimuse: RDP+P
Nakoruru moves forward while flicking her cape three times. This hits the opponent plus reflects projectiles.
Mamahaha Flight: QCB+K
Nakoruru gets a lift from her hawk, Mamahaha. Pretty well the only "flight" move in the game.
Mamahaha Attack: P during the Flight
Nakoruru dive bombs her opponent as energy from her blade surrounds her.
Shichikapu Etu: HCB+P
Nakoruru points at her opponent and her hawk dive bombs ‘em with ki energy of it's own surrounding it. This is Nakoruru's long distance attack.
Super Moves
Ererushi Kamui Rimuse: QCB, HCF+P (can be done in the air)
Nakoruru jumps backward and catches Mamahaha before the animation pause. Then she dive bombs the opponent and smacks ‘em around with her cape many times before sending Mamahaha into ‘em, causing them to explode! Does good damage, but is hard to hit with.
Nubeki Kamui Shikite: QCB, HCF+K
Shikuruu, Nakoruru's wolf, runs in and she gets on him before the animation pause. Then they dash toward the opponent and slashes ‘em to pieces. Kind of like a Weapon X move, but with a pretty good indicator of what she's going to do.
Shirikoro Kamui Inomi: QCF(x2)+K (Max Level Only)
Nakoruru enters her power up pose from the SnK Groove and slowly gains life back. The move leaves you wide open, but the move can be cancelled any time.
Power Up Mode: Nature Protector Nakoruru
Effect: Nakoruru calls upon Shikuuru and mounts him. All basic attacks on the wolf become knife attacks and she gains some new specials.
B,DB,D+P: Nakoruru and her wolf charge forward and hit for damage.
DP+P: Nakoruru and her wolf leap into the air. Air defense.
F or B+ FP during the two moves above: Nakoruru supplements the attack with a leaping strike.
QCF+P (Air Only): Nakoruru and her wolf pause for a second, then dive downward at her opponent.
Downfall: Nakoruru can get knocked off prematurely by getting hit too many times.