Darkness Illusion!
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After several centuries of sleep, Morrigan has finally returned to the human world. To her surprise, she finds out that other kind of demons are attempting to take over the world. Realizing she is quite inferior in numbers to the enemy, she attempts to seduce several earth warriors in doing her bidding so she can have some backup in her hunt for attractive male souls.

“Oh! Your soul shines so brightly. I shall take it with me as my eternal companion!”
“Demons and humans don’t belong in the same category, filth. Know your role!”
“Can you even begin to imagine how temptating this attractive body might be to you?”
“I may be on a hunt for souls, but I’m not so desperate as to consume your pathetic life!”
“Extraordinary beauty fills me. Anyone who tries to think otherwise shall pay the hefty price!”
“A death so charming. Your pool of blood is a mirror for you to see the other world!”

Command Techniques
Shell Kick: F+HK (Air only)
Morrigan kicks forward with her wings surrounding her legs as a drill.
Special Attacks
Soul Fist: QCF+P (can be done in the air)
Morrigan shoots a flaming bat from her fist. Basic Projectile. If done in the air, it goes downward.
Shadow Blade: DP+P
Can you say Dragon Punch? Her's looks pretty painful, though, since she turns her bat wing into a sharp blade.
Vector Drain: HCB+P
Morrigan tries to grab her opponent and if she is successful, she rockets into the air with them, then does a Spinning Pile Driver style slam. Her most powerful Special Attack.
Super Moves
ES Soul Fist: QCF(x2)+P (Can be done in the air)
Morrigan fires a huge fireball that has always looked to me like a dinosaur's skull or something.
Valkarie Turn: HCB(x2)+K, K
Morrigan does a visually impressive dash off the screen behind her opponent, then comes floating in from above, press the kick again for a multi hit Shell Kick. Morrigan is invunerable during the move and can do massive damage if timed right.
Darkness Illusion: LP, LP, F, LK, FP
Morrigan dashes forward and if she connects she goes into a painful looking auto combo with a mirror image of herself doing the same thing on the other side of her opponent.
Power-Up Mode: Night Queen Morrigan
Effect: Similar to her Dark Force in Darkstalkers, Morrigan sends Lillith behind her opponent. Lillith copies everything Morrigan does, which, of course, doubles the damage dealt.
Downfall: Hitting Lillith will be the same as hitting Morrigan.