"Are you ready?"
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Blue Mary

Command Techniques
Hammer Arch: F+LP
Mary hops up and does a double handed hammer punch. This can be canceled into about anything.
Double Rolling: F+LK
Mary jumps, does a kick to the face, then does a sweep when she lands.
Climbing Arrow (DF+LK)
Mary lies on the ground and does an almost 90 degree upward kick. Doesn't do much damage, but is great for air defense.
Special Moves
Spin Fall: QCF+K
Mary leaps towards her opponent and does a flip kick. This move can be followed up with...
Mary Spider: QCF+P
Mary grabs the opponent by the head, drops them on the floor, and breaks their arm! This move can be used as a basic command throw or a follow up to the Spin Fall.
Vertical Arrow: DP+K
Air defense move. Mary does a rising kick. Can be followed up with...
Mary Snatcher: DP+K after connecting with a Vertical Arrow.
Mary grabs her opponent with her legs and slams ‘em into the ground.
Straight Slicer: Charge B, F+K
Mary slides along the ground, can be followed up with...
Crab Clutch: QCF+K after Straight Slicer
Mary grabs her opponent's leg and snaps it! Ouch!
Backdrop Real: HCB, F+P
Mary suplexes her opponent. Doesn't have quite the range as a Mary Spider, but does more damage.
Super Moves
Mary Splash Rose: QCF,HCB+P
Mary dashes at her opponent, and if she hits, she plows through them several times before finishing off with a rising Shinryuken type uppercut.
Mary Dynamite Swing: QCF(x2)+K
Mary does a rising knee attack. If she hit with this, she grabs ‘em, slams ‘em into the ground, causing an instant dizzy. Mary then traps ‘im in a headlock, and spins ‘im around before sending them flying. Air defense move.
Mary Typhoon: HCB(x2)+K (close)
Mary does a super powerful Frankenstiner-ish leg slam on her opponent. If done too far, you will just have wasted your meter.
Power-Up Mode: Iron Woman Mary
Effect: Mary's skin turns a kind of tanned color, and she gets better defense. She can't be hit by normal attacks in fact, though Specials and Supers still whack her around.
Downfall: Mary can't block.