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Command Techniques
Triangle Jump: Jump into a wall, then jump away.
We should all know what this is by now shouldn't we? Anyways, Mai jumps off the wall for added height.
Koku'en no Mai: F+LK
Mai does a small hop and kicks at a 45 degree downward angle. Overhead attack.
Benitsuru no Mai: DF+LK
Mai slides forward a little and does a 45 degree upward kick. Hits low and can be canceled into her Super Rushing Elbow (Chou Hissatsu Shinobibachi) or Ryuenbu.
Special Attacks
Kachosen: QCF+P
Mai throws her fan. Basic projectile.
Ryuenbu: QCB+P
Mai swings the "tail" of her costume causing an arc of flame to appear in front of her for a second. Good for close encounters.
Hissatsu Shinobibachi: HCF+K
Mai does a forward cartwheell and ends in a leaping elbow attack. A good, fast way to get where you're going and cause damage at the same time.
Musasabi no Mai: Charge D, U+P (Must hold P for the dive)
Mai flips to the corner of the screen, then dives head first at her opponent. Kinda reminds me of the Cajun Escape, but not as many options. If you don't hold P, you'll just jump to the wall and drop. The wall she jumps to is determined by which Up direction you press. U and UB makes her jump backwards, while UF makes her flip forwards.
Hishou Ryuu'en Jin: DP+K
This is an air defense move. Mai does a backward flip kick that has flames trailing behind her.
Super Moves
Chou Hissatsu Shinobibachi: QCB, HCF+K
Mai does a forward cartwheel and does an elbow strike that ignites her whole body on fire! This has the basic uses of the basic version, but is of course much more powerful.
Mizudori no Mai: QCF(x2)+P
Mai throws up to three flaming fans. This is her Super Projectile and the level determines the number of fans she throws.
Hou'ou no Mai: QCB(x2)+P
Mai jumps, then does a downward 45 degree angle flaming dive attack. Goes over projectiles.
Power Up Mode: Painful Beauty Mai
Effect: Mai sort of "fades into" the background and her speed increases a LOT!
Downfall: Mai's individual attacks do less damage.