HyakuJuuYon Shiki: Aragami
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Command Techniques
Ge Shiki: Naraku Otoshi: D+HP (air only)
Kyo does a double handed hammer punch to his opponent's head. Great priority.
Ge Shiki: Goufu You: F+LK
Kyo does an overhead dropdown axe kick.
Hachi Juu Hachi Shiki: DF+HK
Kyo does a cool little double sweep with each leg.
Special Attacks
HyakuJuuYon Shiki: Aragami: QCF+LP
Kyo does a dashing, flaming, straight punch with his right fist (facing away from the screen). This still does not have the full auto block that most SnK fans will be used to, but it goes through projectile attacks! That'll teach those Shotos to play keep-away! Also, links into two attacks that can ONLY be done as a link from this move (I will call them Opt A and Opt B).
HyakuNiJuuHachi Shiki: Konokizu: QCF+P (Opt A)
Kyo does a small flaming uppercut with his left fist. Knocks down the opponent. Can be followed up by one of two other moves.
GeShiki: Migiriugachi: QCF+P (after the Konokizu (Opt A)
Kyo does a flaming elbow drop on his opponent. Does not combo, but it's an overhead.
HyakuNiJuuGo Shiki: Nanase: QCF+K (after the Konokizu (Opt A)
Kyo does a straight flaming kick that DOES combo. It's more powerful besides.
HyakuNiJuuNana Shiki: Yanosabi (Opt B): QCB+P
Kyo sweeps the opponent's feet with his arm. This is a low hitting attack, but doesn't combo. Can be followed by...
(Name Unknown): QCB+P (after the Yanosabi (Opt B)
Kyo punches his downed opponent with a flaming fist.
HyakuJuuGo Shiki: Dokugami: QCF+HP
Kyo does a longer dashing flame punch with his left hand (facing the screen). This has the same resistance to projectiles as the LP version. Can be followed up with the following move only...
YonHyaku Isshiki: Tsumi Yomi: HCB+P (after Dokugami)
Kyo steps forward with a small flaming uppercut. Can only be followed with...
YonHyakuNi Shiki: Batsu Yomi: F+P
Kyo does a rising flaming elbow strike. Do not do this if the initial move is blocked.
Hyaku Shiki: Oniyaki: DP+P
Kyo spins into the air with his arm out, causing flame to circle him as he goes up. This is now just an air defense kind of move with Dragon Punch-style priority.
NiHyakuJuuNi Shiki: Kototsuki - You: HCF+K
Kyo dashes forward, and does an upward punch looking thing. If he hits, he hoists his opponent over his head with his fist, then blasts ‘em away with a huge explosion! Very cool! Good for catching his opponent off guard.
R.E.D Kick: RDP+K
Kyo leaps into the air and comes down with an arcing kick. Pretty good move, but still slower than most SnK fans will be used to.
NanaJuuGo Shiki - Kai: HCF+K, K
Kyo does a hopping kick, then follows with a kick with his other foot.
Super Moves
Ura HyakuHachi Shiki: Orochinagi: QCB, HCF+P
Kyo holds a ball of flame in his hand before doing a flaming rush attack. Does good damage, but I've never been able to really get this to hit. It can be delayed. On Max Level, Kyo flames up his entire body and can do damage to anybody who touches him during that time, after which, it's a good time to release the move.
Saihuu Kessen Ougi: Mushiki: QCF(x2)+P
Now THIS is a Super Move. Kyo throws his old ground fireball that erupts in a column of flame, then he does two flaming rushing punches (that hit quite a few times). At Max Level he does an impressive combo that ends in his anti-air move. The reach of the dashing punches is quite a bit longer than that of the column, so you can catch your opponents off guard pretty easily with that.
Power Up Mode: Legendary Warrior Kyo
Effect: Kyo begins to glow with a crimson flame aura. During this move, all of his Basic Attacks and Command Attacks are on fire, causing more damage. Great for comboers!
Downfall: His Special Attacks lose their flame, reducing damage done.