Kim Kapwhan!
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Kim Khapwan

Command Techniques
Neri Chagi: F+FK
Basic overhead Axe Kick.
Special Attacks
Hangetsu Zan: QCB+K
Kim does a split kick that looks very much like one of Chun-Li's Special Attacks. I guess that it's an overhead like hers and is faster on the draw besides.
Hishou Kyaku: QCF+K (Air only)
Kim drops with a multi-hit bicycle kick. Good surprise attack that does decent damage.
Hien Zan: Charge D, U+K
Kim does a backflip kick that looks remarkably like Guile's Flash Kick, complete with an energy blade. This is Kim's air defense.
Haki Kyaku: D,D+K
Kim steps on his opponent's foot. Not nice :) You can cancel into the Houou Kyaku Super to be even less nice.
Switch Stance: Hold HK
Kim goes into an alternate fighting stance that can be followed by:
LP: Hopping straight up kick that goes over sweeps.
HP: An overhead Axe Kick.
LK: A straight forward spinning kick.
Super Moves
Houou Kyaku: QCB, HCF+K
Kim flies forward with a knee attack. If the move hits, he goes into a massive auto combo that ends in his Somersault Kick. The higher the level, the longer the combo.
Houou Tenbu Kyaku: QCF, HCB+K (Air Only)
This move starts with Kim dropping like his Hishou Kyaku, but he goes into a flurry of Somersault Kicks upon contact. The higher the level, the more kicks.
Houou Kiten Kyaku: QCF(x2)+K
Kim does a single mega kick that launches his opponent high into the air. This is a great way to set up for a Houou Kyaku, if you have the spare Super Meter.
Power Up Mode: Justice Loving Kim
Effect: Kim goes into a one legged stance like his KoF 99 partner Jhun. He has a new set of kicks that replace his basic attacks. These kicks combo nicely and they do good damage.
Downfall: Kim can no longer block. He dodges like Cody instead.