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After arriving to his house in Seattle, upon winning yet another martial arts tournament, Ken finds his mansion trashed. His wife, Eliza, and his son, Mel, are still well. But they left a message for Eliza to give to Ken. “Come meet me at the designated point that I have written down for you. Or else, your family won’t be so lucky next time: Bison”. Ken now departs to settle the score with Bison.

“Superb skills, disgustingly rich, and handsome to boot. Need to ask more?”
“Mel would be so disappointed if he knew I was fighting with losers like you!”
“Your performance was so poor, that you should apologize for it in shame!”
“Perhaps you might have won...if you hadn’t kept hitting my feet with your head!”
“I know that you wish to win as much as I do...but with those moves, it’ll be tough!”
“Even if you tried for a million years, you wouldn’t even come close to touching me!”

Command Techniques
Inazuma Kakato Wari: F+LK
Ken's overhead two hit axe kick. Less startup than Ryu's collarbone breaker.
Ushiro Mawashigeri: F+HK
Ken takes a step, spins, and delivers a devastating kick to the stomach. Still slow, but faster than in
Special Moves
Hadouken: QCF+P
Just like Ryu's, but Ken has greater recovery time, his fireball is a touch smaller, and it doesn't hit as
Shoryuken: DP+P
Similar in concept to Ryu's, but the FP version is flaming and hits three times, making it Ken's choice
combo ender. It also has more forward range than his training partner's.
Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku: QCB+K
Once again, very similar to Ryu's move, but Ken spins faster, hits multiple times, and does not knock
Super Moves
Shoryu Reppa: QCF(x2)+P
Ken does two (on levels one and two) or three (on Max level) Dragon Punches in a row. This is not
the optimum Super for air defense, because you won't get in all the hits, but it's his best for finishing
combos and such.
Shinryuken: QCF(x2)+K (tap buttons for extra hits)
Ken corcsrews into the air with a completely vertical Shoryuken. Sorry, it's no longer the "Flaming
Tower of Death" because CvS is not the Marvel Vs. Series. Tap buttons for extra hits and damage.
Shipuu Jinraikyaku: QCB(x2)+K (Max Level only)
Ken does a rushing kick combo, followed by (if he hits completely) a vertical Hurricane Kick. Now
does good enough damage to be worth three levels of Super Meter, but isn't as reliable as the Shoryu
Power-up Mode: Hyper Ken
Effect: Ken's body glows a red tone. His speed is enhanced, so you can even combo off his standing
Downfall: Ken's damage is significantly decreased.