Super Sayans anyone?
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Command Techniques
Don't know of any...
Special Moves
Ittou Hayate: QCF+P
Kaede swings his sword along the ground, resulting in an energy wave that travels the ground. Basic SnK ground projectile.
Ittou Kuga: DP+P
Kaede leaps into the air, slashing upwards as he goes. Basic air defense-Dragon Punch fare.
Ittou RenjinZan: QCB+P
Kaede dashes forward, slashing multiple times. This is good for finishing combos.
Ittou ArashiUchi: HCF+P (close)
Kaede slashes his opponent, multiple times, the last one sending his opponent into the air. Special throw.
Super Moves
Kasshin Kouryu: QCB, HCF+P
Kaede sticks the point of his sword into the ground and up to three (dependent upon level) lighting bolts strike, knocking the opponent backwards. Basically, it's Terry's super with unlimited vertical range.
Kassin Seiryu: QCF(x2)+P (Hold the P to extend the move)
Kaede's sword extends and glows with energy as Kaede holds it above his head until the Punch is released. Then he brings it down in one huge slash. Adds power as it is charging, but comes out lighting fast if you just press the button, so it's a trade off.
Kasshin Souryu: QCF(x2)+K (Max level only)
Kaede starts with a short shoulder dash, where, if he connects, he "Awakens" and does a nasty slashing auto combo ending with a HUGE electrical dragon that comes from the ground under his opponent.
Power Up Mode: Awakened Kaede
Effect: A lightning bolt strikes Kaede, making him into a Super Saya-jin like entity (Blond hair, cool attitude, more power). All of his special moves are now electric, and he has an air fireball. His speed also increases.
Downfall: Instead of running off a regular timer, like other Power-Ups, Kaede loses his own life energy as this move is in effect. It automatically runs out when Kaede has a pixil of life left, but you can end it early by doing the Power Up motion again, just like other Power Ups.