Finale Rosso!
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As it is, Jedah and the Orochi were two of the most feared demons back in the depths of Hell itself. Orochi tried to show Jedah who was the toughest around, so he tried to destroy the human world 1800 years ago, but failed in his attempt. Before Jedah could prove his worth, he died, and, well, all hell broke loose in Hell, heh heh. Now that Jedah is back, he’s aching to prove Orochi who is the best entity around!

“For some people, happiness is found only in death. May you enjoy a happy life in the other world.”
“The greatest gift you can bestow upon me are your cries of agony and pain. How delighting!”
“Your putrid little existence means nothing to me! I shall slaugter your soul just to make a point!”
“I’ll make sure that you shall die a million deaths for having challenged me. Feel my wrath!”
“Blood is like a living being in itself. Here, I’ll allow it to break free from your wimpy body!”
“Death is too good of a present for you. An eternity of walking the path of hell awaits for you!”

Command Techniques
Air Dash: F, F in the air.
Jedah has an air dash that hits!
Special Attacks
Dio Sehga: QCF+P (Can be done in the air)
Jedah throws a circular blade thing at his opponent. Long range attack and is angled differently depending on the Punch Button used.
Nero Fatica: QCB+P
Jedah dashes back and slashes the air. If his opponent gets caught in the slash marks, he or she gets trapped in a sphere of blood before Jedah slashes ‘im with his scythe. Can't be air blocked.
Ira Splinta: HCB+K, P (air only)
This attack is unblockable. Jedah floats back, then dives at his opponent. Pressing punch during the backward dash will turn Jedah into a scythe.
Splecio: DP+P
Jedah cuts off his own head (!) And sprays blood on his opponent. Can now be used any time.
Super Moves
Prova di Servo: QCF(x2)+P, P
Jedah slits his wrist (it's pretty obvious that he's dead already, isn't it?), the blood flows to his opponent. When you press the Punch button a second time, the blood turns into a giant hand that grabs his opponent. When it does, a huge contract made of stone (kinda a making a deal with the Devil thing) appears and the bloody hand slams Jedah's opponent into it, leaving a bloody smear on the signature line. Very painful at all levels and unblockable, though semi easy to avoid.
Finale Rosso: QCF(x2)+K
Jedah stabs the ground, which creates a pool of blood at his opponent's feet. Hands appear out of the blood and drag his opponent into it, where they get severely beaten. This move is also unblockable, but it is slow in coming out.
Power Up Mode: Demon Lord Jedah
Effect: Basically, Jedah takes to the air and flies as long as the move is active.
Downfall: He cannot block. Also, all his ground moves are gone.