Yami Barai!
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Command Techniques
Ge Shiki: Yuri Ori: B+LK (air only)
Iori kicks behind him. This is best used for cross-ups (where you jump over your opponent's head.)
Special Attacks
108 Shiki: Yami Barai: QCF+P
Iori sends a blast of purple flames along the ground at his opponent. This is the classic SnK "ground Fireball." Has many of the same uses as basic fireballs, but hits lower. Can still be blocked high.
100 Shiki: Oniyaki: DP+P
Iori does an anti-air attack, similar to Kyo's, but with purple flames instead of red.
127 Shiki: Aoi Hanna: QCB+P (x3)
Iori does a rushing three hit combo that ends with him smashing his flaming opponent into the ground. Good for ending combos, obviously.
212 Shiki: Kototsuki In: HCB+K
Iori dashes across the screen and if he connects with his opponent, he grabs ‘im, fills ‘im with purple flames, and tosses him forward. Nice looking move with good damage. Can be blocked.
Kuzukaze: HCB, F+P (close)
Iori grabs his opponent and pushes him behind himself. Doesn't do any damage, but is good at disorienting your opponent.
Super Moves
Ura 108 Shiki: Ya Sakazuki: QCB, HCF+P
Basically the Super version of his fireball, Iori launches a bolt of purple flames that erupts into a pillar every time it moves a body width. This stuns an opponent if it hits.
1211 Shiki: Ya Otome: QCF, HCB+P
Iori dashes forward and if he hits his opponent, he does a massive auto combo that ends in him grabbing him and blasting him away with purple flames. At Max Level, he knocks the opponent down and seems to "slash" his opponent–it's hard to tell because Iori's obscuring the view–then he pounds him a couple of times with both fists. Cool!
Power Up Mode: Angel of Death Iori
Effect: Basically the same as Kyo, but with purple flames.
Downfall: No flames for his special attacks. He even loses his projectile.