Justice Acadamy
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Command Techniques
Special Attacks
Ichimonji-Giri: QCF+P, P
Hyo does a quick sword slash that can be followed by an overhead chop. Best for finishing combos.
Iai-Giri: QCB+P,P
Hyo takes a step forward and does a sword slash. Much like the move above, you can do a second slash at the press of a Punch Button. The initial step can go through fireballs.
Ouryuu-Zan: DP+P
Hyo does a rising "Dragon Slash" move. Air defense.
Tenrai-Zan: QCF+P (air only)
Hyo does a diving sword attack that creates a column of light when he hits the ground. Great surprise attack, but Hyo has pretty bad recovery from this move. Good thing it knocks down.
Genai-Shuu: QCB+K (can be done in air)
Hyo does a somersault kick, similar to Guile's but with both feet and without the "Ki" energy. Decent air defense (but not as good as the Ouryuu-Zan) and good for ending combos.
Super Moves.
Ankoku-Genai-Shuu: QCB(x2)+K
This move has been altered slightly from Rival Schools. Hyo does two Genai-Shuu's in a row, similar to a Shoryu Reppa move, and at the top of the second one, he takes out his sword and does a huge downward slash as he lands. He does three somersaults at Level 3.
Ankoku-Genai-Zan: QCF(x2)+P
Hyo does a lunging kick, and if he's not blocked. He does a massive kicking auto combo with a double on the other side doing the same thing. He finishes the move with his Ouryuu-Zan. Kinda similar to Morrigan's illusion super.
Power-Up Mode: Sword of Darkness Hyo
Effect: Hyo's sword begins to glow and he swirls it around in strange ways. All his sword attacks now become unblockable!
Downfall: The start up lag on his moves are terrible. Smart opponents will generally be able to get away.