Ougi KogetsuZan
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Command Techniques
Special Attacks
Ougi SenpuRetsuZan: QCF+P
Haohmaru scraps his sword along the ground, creating a small tornado that moves along the ground. When it hits the opponent, it becomes a huge column of energy that raises your opponent up, then drops ‘im on his head. Semi-basic ground fireball.
Ougi KogetsuZan: DP+P
Haohmaru does a quick upward slash followed by a leaping upward slash. This is air defense, but makes great combo ending because of the ground slash.
Ougi ResshinZan: RDP+P
Haohmaru does a forward leap and brings his orange-glowing sword down on his opponent's head. This goes over projectiles and is an overhead.
Super Moves
Hiougi TenhaFujinZan: QCF(x2)+P
Haohmaru does a Shoryu Reppa type move where he does multiple ground revolutions of his KogetsuZan and finishes it off with the leaping version. The level determines the amount of ground slashes; up to five.
Hiougi TenhaDankuRetsuZan: QCB(x2)+K
Haohmaru does a single revolution KogetsuZan, and if he hits, his opponent is dragged into the air by a HUGE whirlwind. Haohmaru follows his opponent up and sends him to the ground with a huge downward slash. Good for close range encounters and combos.
Power-Up Mode: Wandering Samurai Haohmaru
Effect: Haohmaru drinks from his sake bottle and gets a bit tipsy. Instead of blocking, he evades and sometimes the opponent will just miss anyways! His attack power is also upped.
Downfall: Haohmaru has poor accuracy. Sometimes his moves will pass right by his opponent, especially projectiles.