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Guy has become a full-fledged Bushin master, but still, he finds something amiss. He wishes to know what this strength he has has led to other people throughout history. He could learn so much from it, until one day, he sees a samurai in action...in modern times! Guy departs on a journey to find about this samurai, so he can tell him about the “Way of the Warrior”.

“Bushin style is not just a name, it involves a whole lifetime of preparation and training!”
“Hey, I’m right over here. Didn’t you see me? Maybe my speed is greater than I thought!”
“When you have remotely reached my category, you could consider a rematch if you like.”
“It was painful, but now it has ended. No harsh feelings. Just meditate on your loss!”
“The way of the Bushin is uncertain for many. That’s why I must fight to find the right way!”
“Power, speed, skill, concentration...all that is just fine, but you also need that “special thing”.”

Command Techniques
Kubi Kudaki: F+HP
It's very much like Ryu's collarbone breaker. It's a two hit overhead.
Kamaitachi: DF+HK
Guy does a backflip kick that makes a great retreat move.
Hiji-Otoshi: D+HP in the air
Guy drops almost straight down and elbows his opponent in the head.
Triangle Jump: Jump into a wall, then jump away.
Guy uses the wall behind him to give him more altitude.
Special Moves.
Hayagake: QCF+K
Guy dashes forward. You can finish this move one of several ways.
Kyuteishi: Do the Hayagake with LK, then hit LK.
Guy stops. Good fake.
Kage Sukui: Do the Hayagake with LK, then hit FK.
Guy slides along the ground, going under mid level attacks and fireballs (not SnK grounders, though) and trips his opponent.
Kubikari: do the Hayagake with a FK, then hit K.
Guy does a leaping overhead kick. Use this to counter those pesky ground fireballs.
Bushin Senpuukyaku: QCB+K
I hate to admit it, but Guys Hurricane Kick and Sakura's Hurricane Kicks are very similar. Guy does an arching Hurricane Kick. Use this to finish combos more than anything else.
Bushin Izuna Drop: QCF+P, P when close
Guy rolls up in a ball, leaps forward, grabs his opponent by the shoulders, then slams his head into the ground. Very powerful, but hard to hit with.
Izuna no Hiji Otoshi: QCF+P, then P
Guy rolls into a ball, leaps through the air, then comes down with an elbow attack.
Super Moves
Bushin Hassoken: QCF(x2)+P
Guy hops into the air and punches. If he makes contact, he continues to rise into the air and attack. This makes a good air counter if timed right.
Bushin Goraikyaku: QCF(x2)+K
Guy does a forward rushing combo that finishes in an updated version of his Dashing Kick. Not much to say about it.
Power-Up Mode: Bushido Guy
Effect: Guy moves MUCH faster, and if he dashes, it acts like a teleport.
Downfall: No blocking.