Sonic Boom!
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Living peacefully during his retirement, Guile has managed to lead a peaceful life along with his family. However, he receives a letter from hid old war partner, Heidern, which tells him about Bison’s evil intentions about looking for the Orochi power. Knowing that Bison is still alive, and could threaten his family, Guile sends his wife and daughter to safety and begins his mission once again....

“Amateurs such as yourself have no right to keep on fighting. At ease,soldier!”
“My mission will never be accomplised if I keep wasting my time with you!”
“Don’t be so concerned. My hobby is to break the sonic barrier once in a while.”
“I might be getting too old for this, but I’m still man enough to beat you, wimp!”
“You can try as much as you want, but you just can’t mess up with the hair!”
“Past, present, or future, no one can defeat me. I’m the best there ever was!”

Command Techniques
Knee Bazooka: F+LK
Guile hops forward and knees his opponent in the gut. Not terribly damaging, but moves him forward.
Rolling Sobat: F+HK
Guile does a hopping roundhouse thingie. Overhead attack.
Spinning Backfist: F+HP
Guile steps forward and dilevers a neat backhand attack. Better range than his other normals.
Reverse Spin Kick: DF+HK
Guile does that funky up side down kick from the SF2 series. Good for dodging sweeps.
Special Moves
Sonic Boom: Charge B, F+P
Guile whips his arms in front of him and creates a swirling energy projectile. His recovery is next to zero, so he can actually follow his fireball.
Flash Kick: Charge D, U+K
I don't care what anybody else calls it, this is called the Flash Kick. Guile does a backflip kick and creates a huge wave of energy in front of him. Great air defense and has less recovery than most.
Super Moves
Flash Kick Strike: Charge DB, DF, DB, DU+K
Guile does multiple Flash Kicks in a row. It's used much like the Shoryu Reppa. He does two Flash Kicks except for Max Level when he does threee.
Sonic Hurricane: Charge B, F, B, F+P
Guile does the motion of the Sonic Boom and creates a huge blade of energy that circles him like a helicopter blade. Does decent damage and works as air defense, but isn't his best move (I just like it ‘cause it looks cool:)
Crossfire Blitz: Charge B, F, B, F+K
Guile does a rushing combo. Not much to say about this one. Probably the best Super to use if you're a beginner at Guile.
Power-Up Mode: Final Soldier Guile
Effect: Guile's arms begin to glow with energy, and gets a tad buffed up. Now all of Guile's normal moves will do blocked damage, and he gets to have faster Sonic Booms.
Downfall: If Guile blocks, he'll take double block damage. He can't jump too well, either.