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Geese Howard

Command Techniques
???: F+HP
Geese does a huge smack that knocks down the opponent. Looks like an overhead, but isn't.
Special Attacks
Reppuken: QCF+LP
Geese throws a hand up and does a basic SnK ground fireball.
Double Reppuken: QCF+HP
Geese does a Reppuken that stays in place, followed by another one from his other hand, resulting in a Reppuken that is as tall as he is. This is a great psyche for keep-away players, as it guards Geese from projectiles while answering with one of his own.
Shippuken: QCB+P (In the air)
Geese does a really fast air fireball.
Joudan Atemi Nage: HCB+LP
One of Geese's many counter moves. He blocks an attack, then slams his opponent into the ground. This one counters high attacks.
Chuudan Atemi Nage: HCB+HP
This one counters mid attacks.
Gedan Atemi Nage: HCB+LK
Guess what? This one counters low attacks.
Jaeiken: HCB+K
Geese dashes forward with a ball of energy in his hands and smacks his opponent twice with energy covered hands if he connects.
Super Moves
Rising Storm: QCB, HCF+P
Geese raises both hands in the air, then slams them into the ground causing a huge geyser of "Ki" energy to surround him. Quite the cool move and it makes him practically invulnerable, too. The only character who can do this better is Akuma (His is a Max level only, after all).
Deadly Rave: hcb,f+LK,LP,LP,LK,LK,HP,HP,HK,HK,qcb+HP (Max level only)
I've never gotten this to work, myself, but it's a big, long chain combo that does hecka damage. Geese slides forwards before doing the combo.
Power Up Mode: Evil Blood Geese
Effect: Dark blue energy glows at Geese's feet, and all his Special Attacks do double hits (the Double Reppuken can hit up to four times!)
Downfall: He loses all his counter moves (Atemi Nage).