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Felicia misses the good old days of show business in the middle of her orphanage for lost kids. After a while, she notices how many fighters begin to depart on several journeys that seem to have one common end: the destruction of Bison, leader of Shadaloo. Right then, Felicia gets a clever idea: she could gather them all, and make a huge show in benefit of her orphans!

“Meow! A purr-fect victory for a babe like me! How can you possibly ever topple that?”
“You had the rhythm, pal, but not the feeling. Be sure to focus all your happy dreams next time!”
“Grrraaao! You messed up my hair! It took me all day to make it up! It really ticks me off! Grrr!”
“Look at me, my children! Sister Felicia is about to kick it once again! Time for another beating!”
“To ever conceive the idea of my beautiful face ruined...oh, the humanity! I never want to think about it!”
“Show business is no cakewalk, buddy! You need to fight with your nails way up to the top!”

Command Techniques
Wall Clutch: Jump into a wall and hold in the direction of the wall.
Felicia can cling to walls. Use this to avoid attacks and surprise your opponent.
Head ride: jump on your opponents head.
Felicia sits on her opponents head. Press kick to jump off.
Special Attacks
Litterbox Kick: QCF+K
Felicia does a crouching kick and creates a cool looking "splash" of energy. Cancels out projectiles.
Rolling Buckler: QCF+P, P
Felicia rolls up in a ball and rolls along the ground. Pressing punch again will have Felicia do a Dragon Punch style move.
Delta Kick: DP+K
Felicia does an upward jumping kick followed by a downward kick. Good air defense and good for dodging attacks and retaliating.
Hell Cat: HCB+P
A special throw, Felicia spins around her opponent, slashing with her claws, before throwing them across the screen.
Super Moves
Dancing Flash: QCF(x2)+P
Felicia does a really fast Rolling Buckler that, if she hits successfully, she goes into a nasty auto combo before doing the Dragon Punch thing.
Please Help Me: QCF(x2)+K
Felicia meows and calls a miniature version of herself to leap at her opponent. If it hits, several other copies of Felicia (none of them looking exactly like her) leap in and they all beat on Felicia's opponent while she covers her ears and grins with glee.
Power-Up Mode: Musical Star Felicia
Effect: Cats surround Felicia, and absorb her hits.
Downfall: Felicia won't deal as much damage.