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Man, don’t you know the history by now? Dan is out to prove how TOUGH his Saikyo-ryu style really is! He’s gonna really bash all those naysayers out there who says he sucks! And when he finishes beating up your sorry hides, he’s gonna implement his Saikyo-ryu style as a way of life! Never underestimate the power of the SUPER TAUNT! :)

“It doesn’t matter who ripped off who, it’s important who does the best ripoff there is!”
“Do you still insist that I suck? Care to tell me who is on the ground now, jackass?”
“Of course it is important to win, but when you do it in style, there’s no better thing!”
“Oh, you want to know where I buy these outfits? Sorry, you will have to force me!”
“Yahoo! My fists sure do hurt, but I bet your whole body is in mega pain! Yahoo!”
“Tell me, do you know where I can buy a nice puzzle game? No? Hey, that sucks!”

Dan's Taunts (Dan's the only one who can fill his Super Meter by taunting)
Chouhatsu: Select
Dan does this kinda arm flexing salute thing. "Doshita!"
Shagami Chouhatsu: D+Select
Dan crouches and does his taunt. "Namen ja ne dou!"
Tobi Chouhatsu: Select while jumping
Dan does his taunt in the air. "Yahooey!"
Zenten Chouhatsu: QCF+Select
Dan rolls forward and taunts. "Ra-Shuu!"
Kouten Chouhatsu: QCB+Select
Dan rolls backward and taunts.
Special Moves
Gadouken: QCF+P
Dan's really pathetic fireball. He throws a ball of energy from one hand that disappears practically as
soon as he lets go of it. Stops other fireballs and hits hard.
Koryuken: DP+P
Dan's really pathetic Dragon Punch. It has almost no forward range and leaves Dan completely
vulnerable except when he randomly flashes white.
Dankuukyaku: QCB+K (can be done in the air)
Dan, with a good move? NO WAY! Well, it's true. If done with LK, Dan does a hopping knee. If
done with HK, Dan leaps forward kicking three times. Can be really confusing if done in the air,
because Dan follows the same arc. It has bad start up time, though.
Super Moves
Shinkuu Gadouken: QCF(x2)+P
Dan throws a fireball that's just as small as this regular Gadoken. However, it goes a lot farther. Like
Sakura's Shinkuu Hadoken, it loses hits the farther it travels.
Koryu Rekka: QCF(x2)+K
A VERY short ranged Shoryu Reppa. The level three version is the only one with any range at all.
Good damage though.
Hissho Buraiken: QCB(x2)+K
Dan goes nuts flailing his limbs all over the place, before finishing in a Koryuken. Dan's most damaging
Super, but has little range.
Chouhatsu Densetsu: QCF(x2)+Select (Uses one level of Super)
You know this is comming up because Dan does a crouching taunt during the animation pause. He then
goes into a bunch of forward rolling taunts, followed by him jumping back and forth and taunting,
finishing off with him giving his foe a thumbs up. Does no damage, wastes your Super Meter, and
leaves you open. But a true Dan player will use it anyways :)
Power-up Mode: The Strongest Fighter on Earth Dan
Effect: Dan turns into a evil-like entity (he begins to look like a demon...a funny one, at that :). His
moves get upgraded to "average" statues...full screen Gadouken, Koryuken with a little forward range,
and less start up on the Dankuukyaku.
Downfall: You kidding? This is DAN we are talking about here! Even with these move enhancements
he sucks! Why make him worse?