Spinning Bird Kick!
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Tracing the steps of Yamazaki’s mob organization in the China/Hong Kong area, Chun Li stumbles upon a personal archive about Yamazaki. The word “Orochi” is mentioned several times, but not much is revealed about the name itself. Sensing something terribly wrong, Chun Li begins her investigation on what could be the case of her life....

“I might be an expert in weapons, but these legs of mine are most deadly indeed!”
“Hey! What were you looking at? I hope you have been paying attention to the fight!”
“The duty of a policewoman is never done. So get out of my way now, punk!”
“Good looks don’t make a fighter, but it sure does help sometimes, doesn’t it?
“I could’ve wasted my time in a more productive manner, like playing video games!”
“Now you see why the women are the strongest genre, and who’s the strongest of them all?”

Command Techniques
Triangle Jump: Jump into a wall, then jump away from the wall.
Chu-Li rebounds off a wall to give her a lot more height and air time.
Yosou Kyaku: D+HK
Chun-Li's ever popular head stomp. She bounces off after doing this and can be repeated about three
Kaku Kyaku Raku: DF+HK
Chun-Li flips over her opponent and knees them in the back of the neck.
Hohou Kaiten Kyaku: DF+LK
Chun-Li does a backward flip kick.
Special Moves
Spinning Bird Kick: Charge B, F+K
Chun-Li flips upside down and flies forward helecopter-like with her legs acting as roters. Not as
useful as Ryu's Hurricane Kick, but can be used similarly.
Kikoken: HCF+P
Chun-Li's slow and not-too-useful fireball. LP goes farthest while FP goes the shortest distance.
Kyakuretsukyaku (Lightning Kick): K repeatedly
Chun-Li rapidly kicks in front of her with fire surrounding her feet. Very slight delay after it's over.
Senenshu: HCB+K
Chun Li flips forward and does a powerful looking split kick. This move is an overhead.
Tenshokyaku: Charge D, U+K
Chun-Li takes to the air and does a very shiny set of kicks into the air. Somewhat basic air defence.
Super Moves
Senretsukyaku: Charge B,F,B,F+K
Chun-Li does a few rushing kicks into a rushing Lightning Kick. Chun-Li's best ranged Super.
Kikoshou: QCF(x2)+P
Chun Li creates a large ball of Ki in her hands. Little range, but provides a useful little shield for her.
She's susceptible to low attacks.
Hazen Tenshoukyaku: Charge DB, DF, DB, UF+K
Chun-Li does a huge Rising Bird Kick. Chun-Li's most powerful Super, but is dang hard to do.
Power-Up Mode: Final Agent Chun Li
Effect: Chun Li enters a weird karate pose (kinda like Gen), and begins to swing her arms around
slowly, leaving images of
her arms behind. Chun Li's speed is enhanced AND she gets to have some more interesting moves (I
was thinking like Tekken's Lei Wulong here).
Downfall: Chun Li can't do special moves.