Psycho Crusher!
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M. Bison

M.Bison seeks the hidden power of Orochi by scavenging the world for possible hosts of the demonic power. His latest clues have led him to Mexico, where he expects to obtain the source of the power. Having trouble in finding experiment subjects AND harnessing the power of Orochi, M.Bison has decided to create a duplicate of himself so he can be at both fronts at the same time.

“My world has no place for the weak! That means you’re the first in line for extermination!”
“This body might be getting slightly deteriorated, but it’s still enough to destroy your soul!”
“You must thank me for having allowed you to live for a bit longer, as I rule this world!”
“Death and chaos is what I bring to this world gone soft. You will experience it personally!”
“Let the name of “Bison” echo for all eternity! History shall grovel upon my conquests!”
“Your death screams have delighted me like no one else. Do so for the rest of your life!”

Command Techniques
None that I know of...
Special Attacks
Psycho Punish: DP+P
Bison stands still and brings his flaming psycho powered fist onto the head of his opponent.
Psycho Impact: Charge B, F+P
A rushing Psycho Power uppercut that's followed up by a Psycho Power straight punch.
Scissor Kick: Charge B, F+K
M. Bison's old forward flipping double kick.
Head Press: Charge D, U+K can be followed with P for a Somersault Skull Diver.
Bison stomps on his opponent's head. Press Punch afterward for an extra attack.
Somersault Skull Diver: Charge D, U+P or follow a Head Press with P.
Bison leaps into the air and dives down on his opponent with his hand covered in Psycho Power.
Super Moves
Heartbreak Despair: Charge B, F, B, F+P
Bison does a modified version of his Psycho Crusher, where he torpedoes into his opponent while covered in Psycho Power, then does his new throw at the end for good measure.
Scissor Kick Nightmare: Charge B, F, B, F+K
Bison does multiple Scissor Kicks in a row. On level one, he does two, on level two, he does three, and on Max Level, he follows up his Scissor Kicks by juggling his opponent in the air with several airborne kicks, finished off by planting both feet in his opponent's chest. Think of the EX version of this move and you pretty well got it.
Power-Up Mode: Psycho Lord Bison
Effect: The great skull that appears in S. Bison's background in Alpha 3 appears once again, messing up the opponent's control!
Downfall: No combos for Bison (he will have lag after every move).