The lady's man...:)
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Command Techniques
Jackknife Kick: F or B+FK
Beni steps in the direction pressed as he kicks.
Flying Drill: D+HK
Beni spirals downward a-la Dhalsim.
Special Attacks
Raijinken: QCF+P
Beni punches forward with a sphere of electricity in his fist.
Taipuu Raijinken: DP+P
Beni does a Raijinken at a forty five degree angle upward.
Iai Geri: QCF+K
Beni does a silly looking knee attack with the LK, but he does a three hit combo that ends with a somersault kick (complete with a lightning bolt) with the FK.
Shinkuu Katakegoma: HCB+K
Beni spins on one hand kicking with both feet. This sends the opponent flying.
Super Moves
Raikouken: QCF(x2)+P
Beni does an absolutely MASSIVE version of his Raijinken. This does excellent damage if it hits fully, and has a good amount of range...more so than Chun-Li's Kikosho, the only other move that is similar to it.
Dennai Spark: QCB(x2)+P
Beni slides across the screen and if he connects, he dashes through the opponent, electrocuting him as he goes.
Electrigger: QCB(x2)+K (Close)
Beni grabs his opponent and sends LOTS of electricity through them. This is a Super Throw.
Power-Up Mode: Thunder God Benimaru
Effect: Electricity runs through Beni's body like haywire. This causes all his attacks to hit harder plus he cannot be thrown. If the opponent tries, the poor sucker gets electricuted.
Downfall: The electric hits send the opponent to far away to combo.