Shooting Star Kick!
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While studying at Taiyo High School, Batsu notices a tall blond man roaming around the school for some time. After some time, Batsu decides to see what this man wants. After a bit of ranting and raving, the man introduces himself as Rock, and he is looking for a way to fix some loose ends with his father. Almost like a mirror image of himself, Batsu decides to help him in any way possible.

“Who are you kidding? You can’t reach anywhere with those lousy skills of yours!”
“Nothing can ever beat the strength of a hot-blooded student! Not even these other guys!”
“Damn, I just lost a crash course because of this. Now my parents will be down my throat again!”
“Still thinking I’m a kid? Kids can become pretty wild people if you drive them the wrong way!”
“If I can be this strong at such a young age, can you imagine how powerful I’ll be when I grow up?”
“Someday, I’ll be as strong as my father, but I won’t certainly be as bad looking as him!”

Command Techniques
Downward Punch: F+HP
A collarbone breaker type move.
Side Kick: F+FK
Much like Ken's Ushiro Mawashigeri, but it's quite a bit faster.
Special Attacks
Guts Bullet: QCF+P
Batsu does a Tiger Shot like projectile. Just like any other fireball in the game.
Air Guts Bullet: QCF+P in the air
Batsu fires a Guts Bullet at a diagonal angle downward.
Guts Upper: DP+P
Batsu takes a step forward and does a ground based uppercut with a flaming fist. Decent air defense and doesn't leave him as open as, say, a Dragon Punch.
Crescent Star Kick: QCB+K
After a brief delay, Batsu hops forward with an overhead kick that leaves a trail of energy behind it. Can be used for air defense or overhead bopping.
Shooting Star Kick: QCF+K (Air only)
This is a diving kick that goes practically straight down. Great surprise attack.
Super Moves
Super Guts Bullet: QCF(x2)+P
Batsu charges a huge ball of energy above his head during the animation pause and launches it at his foe. Basic Super Projectile.
Rival Launcher: QCB(x2)+P
Batsu does an uppercut followed by an air combo if he hits. (supers like this are the only place you'll see ‘em in this game) Makes for a good in close attack.
Shooting Comet Kick: QCF(x2)+K (air only)
Batsu does a multi hitting Shooting Star Kick with lots of energy surrounding him.
Power-Up Mode: Berserk Batsu
Effect: Batsu's eyes begins to glow and moves in a bit odd way (kinda like ROB Iori), and shares some moves from Raizo, his father. The Guts Bullet gets replaced by Raizo's Cannonball-like move, and his Guts Upper gets replaced by Raizo's Berserker Barrage-like move.
Downfall: Batsu's speed is toned down.