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Baby Bonnie Hood

Command Techniques
Tell Me Why: DF+LK
B.B. Hood crawls forward a short distance. This goes under mid level fireballs, but SnK grounders will smack her good.
Hop and Strike: F+FP
B.B. Hood hops forward and strikes with her basket.
Malice and Mine: DF+HK
B.B. Hood kicks a mine out from inside her dress :)
Special Attacks
Smile and Missile: Charge B, F+P or K
B.B. Hood places her basket on her shoulder like a rocket launcher and shoots a missile out of it. Punch shoots it high, Kick shoots it low. Use this much like one of Guile's Sonic Booms.
Happy and Missile: Charge D, U+P
B.B. Hood jumps into the air and shoots a missile downward from her basket. Kinda like Yuri's air fireball.
Cheer and Fire: DP+P
B.B. hood opens a bottle of champagne that fires a stream of fire upward. Ground based anti-air attack.
Shyness and Strike: QCB+P (hold P to delay the move for more damage)
Holding the button will make B.B. Hood swing her basket and yawn. As you hold the button, the basket gets bigger. Let go of the button and B.B. Hood will swing the basket onto her opponents head for an overhead hit.
Super Moves
Cool Hunting: QCF(x2)+P
B.B. Hood pulls a sheet from her basket and two HUGE men appear from behind it–one a woodsman, the other a World War II-ish guy. Then all three of them open fire with their weapons. This isn't exactly like the Vs. Series version, because it doesn't do the pure amount of hits, but it does hit equally on the ground as well as the air.
Beautiful Memory: QCF(x2)+K
A vision of B.B. Hood's grandmother appears over her head and she dashes at her opponent with knives. If she hits, she slashes ‘em while crying, hits ‘em with a rock, then slams ‘em into the puddle created by her tears, creating a geyser. This is the situation at Level 3, at earlier levels, she doesn't get quite so vicious.
Apple For You: QCB(x2)+P (works only in close)
This is basically a Super Throw. B.B. Hood holds out an apple, which the opponent takes. B.B. Hood then runs a distance away and ducks for cover as the stem starts to spark like a bomb's fuse. The apple then blows up in her opponent's hand!
Power-Up Mode: Devil Chaser B.B. Hood
Effect: B.B. Hood fires missiles at the press of a punch button–low missiles if you duck and punch.
Downfall: B.B. Hood loses all her special attacks.