Shining Crystal Bit!
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Command Techniques
Chain Thigh: F+LK
Athena hops forward and does a knee attack.
Phoenix Bomb: D+LK
Athena sticks her rear out and dives downward. If she hits her opponent with her butt, she rebounds :)
Special Attacks
Psycho Ball: QCB+P
Athena does a Sonic Boom type motion with her hands and throws a large ball of energy at her opponent. This looks a lot like Bison's old Psycho Shot I've noticed. Basic projectile.
Phoenix Arrow: HCB+K (During Jump)
Athena rolls into a ball and dives downward at a diagonal angle while burning with energy. Possibly her best Special Attack. At the end of a FK version, she does an interesting crouching kick.
Psycho Reflector: HCB+K
Athena sticks her hand out and a large glowing ball of energy emanates from it, able to hit several times, plus able to reflect any non-Super projectile back to its original owner :)
Psycho Sword: DP+P (Can be done in the air)
Athena does a leaping punch with a "blade" of energy in her upraised hand. Basic air defense except that it can be done in the air.
Psychic Teleport: QCF+K
Athena points upward as becomes transparent as a transparent double of her dashes forward. This can by used to freak out your opponent, but either Athena can be hit. They aren't insubstantial.
Super Psychic Throw: HCF+HP (Close)
This is a Special Throw. Athena grabs her opponent and flings ‘em away with her psychic powers. This does the best damage of all her Specials.
Super Moves
Shining Crystal Bit: B, HCB+P
Athena stands up with her hair being blown straight up as a ball of energy surrounds her in a figure-eight pattern. This does considerable damage and shields Athena, though if you let it go all the way to the end, she will be vulnerable again. Better to follow up with a...
Crystal Shoot: QCF+P during a Shining Crystal Bit
Despite having another animation pause, this move does not use any extra Super Meter energy. Athena basically collects her Shining Crystal Bit in her hands and throws it as one, large, multi-hitting projectile.
This is a great way to end the move.
Phoenix Fang Arrow: QCF(x2)+P (in the air)
Athena powers up, then does multiple Phoenix Arrows in a row, teleporting to her starting location to do another one. It looks a lot like she's just throwing fireballs it happens so fast. Unfortunately, she doesn't do the follow up kick, so you're left open if the opponent blocks.
Power Up Mode: Goddess Athena
Effect: Athena dons the outfit she wore in her old 8-bit action game, complete with sword and shield. She has all her Specials, but her normal attacks become flaming sword slashes.
Downfall: You won't be able to use your Super meter for quite a while...even after the Power Up wears off.